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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Back in the Dog House

Back in the Dog House

It has been a difficult week.

The other day my HOH gave me a list of tasks to complete by the end of the day.  He was away and wanted to ensure that I had a productive day.

I have a tendency to not do the things that I am supposed to do.  I bake cakes, or rearrange the living room, paint pictures and make clothes for my daughter, rather than paperwork, cleaning or work for my business.  So HOH tries to keep me on the straight and narrow.

That day, while he was away, I was meant to do my chores, help my HOH with some marketing, some paperwork for my business, aswell as maintaining my diet and keeping to my internet limit and curfew.

Well quite frankly it was a bad day as far as rules were concerned and a cumulative snow ball of misbehaviour ensued.

We had frinds coming and I, ever the show off and perfectionist, decided to cook a culinary extravaganza.  I have always put far too much pressure on myself.  So before my chores and tasks were completed I decided to cook a tarte au citron and a batch of caramelised tare and share bread.

After cooking I decided to leaisurely go on the internet for an hour to relax, despite having not completed my tasks that I had been asked to do.

Major mistake.

My internet was running to an end and I was writing my blog.  I stupidly make the decision to carry on writing my blog despite being fully aware that my internet was coming to an end, and I went over my limit.
Why, I hear you ask?

Well I don't quite frankly know! With hindsight these things always seem ludicrous, but I just didn't think it through at the time.

So there was my mistake number one.  I then went to the fridge to put some food away after cooking, and seeing my daughter's chocolate bar uneaten, I decided to eat it.  It was only small.  To be honnest I don't think I thought that I would be punished for that, despite my HOH saying he wanted to support my diet.

Then I realised that I was perilously close to my curfew, so I ran off to bed.  It was only then that I realised that the house was a state and my tasks werent complete.  I had completely forgotten.
It then dawned on me that I had done a gazzilion things wrong, and would undoubtedly be in trouble.

I was now terrified.  The last spanking had been terrible, but I hadn't done as many things wrong.

The possibilities went round and round in my head.  What would he do?  How bad could it be?
I emailed him an email instantly with a groveling and very sorry email.

The thing was I was truly sorry.  I had been trying so hard but it was clearly very easy to muck up.

He called me instantly and I could hear the dissapointment in his voice.  That has got to be the worst bit!

He asked me to tell him how I had done so much wrong.  I think he thought I had just been lazy and not bothered to respect his decisions.  But that wasnt the case.  Yes I had gone over  with my internet, and I ignored it a bit, but the rest just happened.

He said he would have to think about what he would do about it.  That got me worried, was he going to spank me on more than one day? was he going to spank me for longer?

I was very worried.

At the next available opportunity he sat me down and asked me to explain what I had done and how things had gone so wrong,

The list was long, so the lecture was even longer.

Towards the end I was thoroughly fed up with it.  He seemed to go on and on!  I wanted to say, alright punish me already!  But I didn't dare of course.

Because much of the problem was caused by my internet use, or excess use, HOH decide to take my internet away for two days.  He then said that I could only have half my normal amount for the rest of the week.  He then ordered me to close the curtains and took off his belt.  Quite possible the most terrifying this that he does.

I heard the jingle jangle of the buckle, I heard the woosh, as it was pulled through his belt loops.  Then he stripped me. Quite possibly the most embarrassing part.  I had chosen to wear my all in one, so I was wearing just my bra when he ordered me over his lap (something I wont be doing again!).

Then he whipped me.

It was a considerably bad one.  He informed me later that it was a 6 on the scale! Goodness knows I never want to get to 10!

I was thrashing about so much that I kicked the coffee table, throwing HOH's coke across the room!

After he had finished, as always, I lay there exhausted and panting.  I clambered onto his lap and curled up in his arms.  I was numb and dejected. I don't get angry with him, as I usually feel I deserve it.  But I do feel sorry for myself for about half an hour, especially when it is hard to sit down!

So there we go, a few days of no internet while having a VERY sore behind!

It has been hard not going online.  I have so wanted to.  I did ask him yesterday if I could go only but he gently said no.  I think it wouldn't have been so gentle if I had pushed it!

And now I have a week of very little internet!  I am so glad to have it back though! I can finally write this post! I have been saving it for a while!


  1. I think the reason for many marriage failures is that Husbands don't discipline their wives. I was married for 34 years, my wife passed away about 8 years ago and she was subject to correction for 33 years of that marriage. We had a very happy marriage. I learned about how to discipline from my father in law, my wife's mother was also disciplined when she misbehavied. I think there are few wives who can behave themselves and obey their husbands unless they know their behind will be tanned if they misbehave. Of course this presumes a responsible husband who used his authority responsibly to protect and guide his wife and he loves her and cherishes her.

  2. Oh Anonymous, stuff that arrogant BS where the sun don't shine. Just because your wife needs to be beaten in order to have a happy marriage doesn't mean everyone else is an overgrown child who also needs to be treated like one. Get over yourself.
    Other than that, nice blog.