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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Blog questions answered

How did you get your hubby to blog?


This is a funny one.

Unfortunately I don't really know - he's a stuborn thing, so really I didn't get him to do it, it was all him.  Of course the idea was mine, as all great ones in our household are ;).

For the past two years I have encouraged him to get involved with the online community that we have.

His response was always one of two things, 'yes maybe, I will think about it', or if I pushed too hard, 'No, I will do this how I want and I don't care how other people chose to do DD, this is my responsibility and I make the decisions'. Or something along those lines.

I think it was just a gradual thing.  He knows that I love mine and I really love it when I reach a new landmark re- hits.

I also really like Clint's blog (learningdomesticdiscipline) and Mick's (hishusbandlytouch).

I Kept saying things like, 'you should start a blog darling', or 'there aren't many men who have blogs'.

It does help that he uses the internet all the time for work, and runs a blog for that anyway, so it didn't take much.

It's funny, considering that he started off not even reading anyone elses blogs, I came home the other day to find that he had been blogging all morning! Ironic I thought as he is trying to stop my internet habbits!

Anyway, thanks for your question Pooky.

This is the question I've asked everyone for these March blogs so I'll ask you as well. What is the story of how you and your husband met? Was it love at first sight for one or both of you? How long afterwards did you marry him? 

WOW, OK.  We met in the January of 2006.  I had recently moved to a new area where I knew no one.  A lovely small town in West Dorset.

I met one friend, in a very strange way, and it was pure fate that even her and I had met. 

We decided to go out together and she took me to this bar in the town where a musician was playing.  

I looked at him and thought he was very attractive, but I thought that he was perhaps too short for me, and maybe younger than me.

My friend and I went upstairs in the bar, and listened to him play while sharing a bottle of wine and getting to know each other.

I came downstairs and asked him to play one of my favorite songs.

At the time I was a journalist and I thought, I want to help this guy become famous, he is really good.

When he stepped off stage, it turns out that he was 6'7" and a whole foot taller than me! He was also 5 years older than me, so there says something of first impressions.

I bought his album and was obsessed with it, playing it all day long and telling all my friends how great he was.

A few months later he was playing in the town again.

During the interval I went to sit next to him and chatted to his Dad, who was there too.

We were chatting about music and I told him who I like listening to.

I then went to every gig he played in the town (about once a month).

And put an article about him in the local paper every week, (I was banned after a while by my editor!).

After a while I realized I was seriously falling for him.  I had never really bothered too much about blokes before, I always preferred having fun with friends, so this was a new experience for me completely.

We decided to meet up for a date and hey presto, we are now married with a young child!

I never expected to fall for this musician in a bar all those years ago! but I guess they say when you least expect it don't they!?

We got engaged within the first 18 months and married in 2010 in September.  We had our baby in 2010 also, so it was a good year!

Arr thankyou Christina, that was a lovely memory to think about!

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  1. K, dang, sorry this is late, things have been kind of hectic, but I didn't get a chance to ask my question! What changes have you seen in yourself since you guys have begun DD, and what changes have you seen in him?

    Kay :)