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Monday, 26 March 2012

letter to my HOH

Today I acted appallingly, I had a terrible attitude, and when my HOH told me to receive a spanking, I refused.
I feel I need to apologize to him.  So I shall write it here, as well as giving it to him in person.

Dear HOH,
I am sorry.

Thankyou for not giving up on me and for not giving up on our our lifestyle.

I am sorry for not trusting you and for being angry.  I am sorry for not doing as I was told.

I find it hard to understand my thoughts, thank you for giving me time to do that.

The way I spoke to you and my attitude was unacceptable and I am sorry.

Maybe I need to write down things to you to explain my behaviour, it might help our relationship, as I sometimes can’t make sense of things until I write it down.

I love you very much. Thankyou for doing this. I appreciate your commitment to this.

Please understand that I am trying everso hard, but I don’t quite make it to the finishing line. I will try, dont be easy on me, but equally know that I try.

Thank you for this, it must be very very hard to have all the responsibility on your shoulders, thank you for dealing with things so well.

I love you so much.
I will do whatever you ask of me to make things right again.

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