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Friday, 9 March 2012

My first, 'this is why you wont do that again' spanking

My first, 'this is why you wont do that again' spanking

OK so I officially did something stupid the other day.

I came home from an outing, dropped off my daughter with my husband, and asked him if, in his opinion, I could fit into a car parking space outside the house (we live on a main road with no driveway).

He took one look at it, I could tell his brain said (silly woman drivers), and he said, 'Darling  you could fit an articulated lorry in that space'.

So I got back into the car, he went back into the house, and I attempted to drive the car into the space.

Here is where the dreaded and highly regrettable mistake happened.  I did not put my seat belt on.

'YIKES, OH HELP, YOU IDIOT C, WHAT ARE YOU DOING' - says myself in hindsight.

But I didn't notice (I often don't when parking the car).

Somehow since having my daughter two years ago, I have lost the ability to judge car parking spaces.  Back me up mothers of the world.  I swear I was ok at doing this before, but seemingly  spacial awareness also came out of me during birth! (was that too graphic?)

I shunted backward and forwards, but to no avail, the aparent space 'big enough for an articulated lorry' was no bigger than a man-whole cover as far as I was concerned.

Here is where the second problem occurred.  I then had to drive away and around the town to find a space, and all seatbelt-less!

I didn't mention this part to HOH, but I even jumped about a bit and said to myself, 'oo this is fun not wearing a seat belt'.  Somehow I didn't link this to either a) my safety or lack there of, or b) a spanking.

So I parked the car and returned to the house, and thought nothing of it.

One thing I should porbably mention is that I can't a) lie, and b) keep anything secret from my HOH.  Of course I can't as in it's a rule, but also I  physically can't, not even if I wanted to.

I try lying sometimes to other people about private things, and it doesn't go well, I just come out with the truth.

So as the hours rolled on there was a little voice in the back of my mind which said, 'C, you should probably tell your HOH about this', but I tried to ignore it.

The following day we were sat in the car. This is by the way the only place I own up to infractions.  I have realised that this is a clever place.  He cannot scold me as he is concentrating on the road, he cannot spank me, because, well lets face it, I would like to see him manage that whilst driving, and we are generally on our way out so I know he cannot punish me for a while, and I can put it out of my head.

To be honest, I truthfully didn't, at the time, think that he would spank me for it, I figured I would get a warning - oh how very wrong I was!

He told me that we would 'talk' about it later - I was fooled into taking the word 'talk' literally.

The day went on, and shortly after returning home from our outing he had to rush off to work.

While he was working I emailed him if I was in trouble.  He informed me that I was, and that he would deal with it when he got home.

He arrived home at midnight.

He came upstairs, sat on the bed and immediately told me that he wanted to 'chat about what I had done'.  I was very surprised that he came straight in to deal with me.  It made me think that he must have planned it on his long drive home from work.

He lectured me and helped me to see just how foolish I had been and just how selfish.  I really hadn't considered it.  This is just how well our DD lifestyle works for us.  He really helped me to see the ramifications of my actions.

He then said, 'Now I am going to spank you, if I don't it would be foolish'.

I hid my face under the duvet and screwed up my eyes, as I heard him foraging in his drawer for his implement of choice.  My heart pounded, my adrenaline kicked in and I was panting. I wanted to run, I wanted to hide, I wanted to cry, but I sat there and heard him clattering around.

Then he took me downstairs, so that the neighbors, who were in bed, wouldn't hear.

'I am going to show you why you wont do that again darling' he said, as he pulled up my nightshirt and bent me over his lap.

The strangest thing was normally during a spanking I squirm around for ages.  I can't keep still at all.  But for some reason this time was different.  I laid there, I didn't even make a sound.  I have been thinking about this for a while, as I was baffled.  But I think that it was because I really and truly felt bad about what I had done.

So after what seemed like eternity, he let me up.  He held me, told me I was forgiven, but said, 'I don't ever want you to do that again, do you hear'.  

So that was my first spanking of a different nature, a  'this is why you wont do that again' spanking.

Do I want it to happen again, hell no.  Seat belt on for all eternity, and HOH belt off (well for the near future anyway ;).



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  2. What a great read that was, I am sitting here giggling to myself thinking I think things just like that too and yes mummy brain has done the same to me... the whole giggling and jumping around while your doing something you know your HOH wouldn't like is funny while your doing it, but much the same can not lie and must confess.. look forward to reading more :D

  3. What school did you go to, and when? Most schools in the Uk would be in serious trouble for doing any of the things mentioned in your column. Probably closed down, I shouldn't wonder.

    1. Hi, well I'm only 26. But UK law abolished corporal punishment in the state system in 1986, but not in private schools.

      The school I went to was a private school. The law for that came in in 1996 I believe.

      And it was a school near Bristol.

  4. I just had to say, I totally pictured myself when you were talking about confessing in the car. Like you I always end up having a guilty concious and I usually fess up in the car. I have a hard time communicating with my husband about serious things that are on my mind and I found the best time to say it is when we are in the car because that way he doesnt have any distractions and we have a chance to exactly talk about it. The only thing I dislike about it is he never tells me weather or not I am going to be spanked when we get home or not.