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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

saying sorry is hard, but getting a spanking is worse

It dawned on me today that I hate to say sorry.

There is a small gap of time between my HOH saying one of the following...

'I beg your pardon'

'Do we need to go upstairs?'

'Do I need to spank you?'

'What did you just day to me?'

...and me me realizing that I have a two second window in which I need to either sincerely apologize and change my attitude, or prepare myself for a very sore rump!

In that moment I hate to say sorry.  It takes everything for me to submit.  It is often the crux of me submitting.  The time when I have to say to myself, right now SpankedWifeUK, do you want to submit to your wonderful husband?  And I have to say sorry, or face the consequences.

Saying sorry is very hard for me to do, but my husband's belt is harder!


  1. Oh gosh, yep. Saying sorry is something I can be stubborn about. But sometimes it comes out very easily- when I'm over his knee and yelling it over and over..ugh.

  2. Yep, I hear you Stormy!
    Alas, hope you are well post trouble!

  3. Oh it's true. There's that moment when we can avoid all the doom and gloom but we can't quite force it out and then the moment is gone. LOL, then like Stormy said, it all comes out so a much more painful position.

  4. Ha ha! Yes indeed. Alas it all depends on how submissive we are feeling on a given day I guess!