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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The spanking line

The spanking line

I had a very enjoyable conversation with a fellow DD-er yesterday.

She asked me if I regularly went over the line.

The line of course she referred to is the ‘spanking line’! Yes this may well be a term I have just invented!

At the beginning of our DD journey, I tested a lot.

This stage was very hard to get through.   I didn’t do it consciously, in fact I didn’t even know what I was doing until someone pointed out to me that I was testing the boundaries.

This is actually quite embarrassing as my toddler does the same with me and my rules in the house for our children.

I used to do things I knew weren’t allowed, like calling him names, or being cheeky, just to see where my boundaries were – often with painful consequences.

I now roam happily inside my spanking lines, but it took a while to know where they were.

So in answer to my friend who asked me this last night:

Do I go over my boundaries? No don’t be silly, do I want a sore bottom?

However I have to ashamedly admit that I do take a running leap towards them, dance about a bit on them, often stamp my feet and poke my tongue out as I prance arrogantly along my side of the line, but I rarely go over!  - That would be foolish!


  1. I had to laugh as I am a "line dancer" as well. But, my husband sees this as spankable because if I get away with taunting him from one side of the line then he says I get more sassy as the day goes on.

    So, he picks up the dang line and moves it!! Suddenly I'm out of

    No fair! But he knows me all too well.

  2. Hey Stormy, thanks for reading. I know you are! Or at least that's the vibe I get from your great blog!
    When I say I taunt and poke my tongue out, most of it is metaphorical. I normally get one shot! Otherwise I would be standing on that line, and I might as well be saying, 'come on then darling, I would seriously like a belt whipping now!' - That isn't something I am planning on saying!
    All the best, keep writing, I love it!