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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Who am I?

Who we are
I am a married woman who lives in the UK, in Dorset with my gentle giant of a husband and my glorious 2-year-old daughter.

Around two years ago my wonderful husband and I found Christian Domestic Discipline, by accident on the internet.  We were at first horrified, I ashamedly admit.  But something kept drawing me back.  I had always been interested in spanking, not in a sexual way necessarily, but went to a school where corporal punishment was used on a daily basis, and I think I had been hooked ever since.

I then found the Taken In Hand site, which all made complete sense to me.  Since then I have stumbled into lots of blogs and met a few wonderful people (online), and am a member of the learning domestic discipline network.

My husband and my dynamic for the first four years of our relationship, before this lifestyle, was one of a power struggle.  I am naturally feisty and rebellious, and can often have a nasty attitude.

My husband kept trying to lead, but ended up walking away from any confrontation, so to avoid any argument or upset, as he believed that this was the right thing to do.

He is a natural leader and ironically by me giving him control in our marriage, he has ended up with more confidence to tackle other people in the wider world, with work etc.

So that is us, it is a very difficult road.  My poor husband has to deal with me constantly changing between, rebellious, naughty teenager-like, to submissive apron-clad, 'would you like a cuppa tea darling', and 'let me rub your shoulders'.

So we try very hard, he tries to be consistent and I try to be loving and submissive.
But it makes us happy!


  1. It is nice you found the lifestyle and good luck on your journey in living it.


  2. Thank you for reading FD. It has been a wonderful and fullfilling, if tough journey.


  3. Was he enthusiastic about Dd, including spanking, from the start? Mine doesn't want to hurt me, but he does want to be HoH and generally in charge. I want all of this, though I can be a bit bossy at times.

  4. Hi!
    We live a DD relationship and have our own website