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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Sound I Both Love and Hate

The Sound I Both Hate and Love

My wonderful HOH works nights, as I think I have mentioned, so he often comes in in the early hours.

This means that I am often left to take myself to bed with no cuddle or bed time maritals!

He too has noticed this, so over the past few months, he has insisted that I sleep bottom-less, so he can have easy access when he gets in!

There is quite honestly nothing as sexy as my HOH taking me at will after a long hard day, and I respect him for doing so. 

Another thing that is relevant before I tell you about the sound I 'hate and love' is that he recently found a new implement that he enjoys, saying the very word fills me with dread, and that is his belt.

I have only experienced it once, but fair to say i think I enjoy it even less than the switch.  I bruise easily, and it leaves me unable to sit comfortably for a few days.

It dawned on me the other day, as I was lying there in the middle of the night, i heard him come in from work and walk into his room, and I heard that famous tingling sound of him undoing his belt and the woosh as he pulled it through the loops in his trousers. 

I sat there with a mixture of fear and excitement and I realised, when I hear it it either means I am going to be made love to, or punished.

How powerful a sound can be, how a seemingly innocuous jingle jangle sound can awaken you, and either fill you with dread or excitement.

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