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Monday, 9 April 2012

Change in Rules

So any of you who have read my and my husband's (  blog may know that I have an issue with the internet.

I simply love it.

I can spend all day on it and will do if I am not stopped my my wonderful strong husband.

He has tried various tactics, from allowing me to make my own decisions (I am not strong enough for this), to stopping it all together.

So yesterday he informed me of an internet change of rules.

I am allowed an hour when my daughter is napping and if he is home only 15 mins in the evening to check my email.

However when he isn't home I can have 2 and a half ours! HOORAH!

Of course there are some weeks when my husband is only away for two nights, so I probably lose internet time overall, but it means that I can actually enjoy it when he isn't here, instead of constantly looking at the clock!

We shall see if this rule suits me better.