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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Communication down the pan

Not sure what went wrong,

Do you ever realise you are in the middle of an argument and not understand how you got there???

Well that just happened to me.

I have no idea how I ended up over my husband's knee in the living room, pants down my ankles and staring at the floor.

But I did just end up agreeing and saying 'yes sir' even when I didn't agree with him.

I still don't.  I have switched my brain off.

Half way through an argument my HOH often ends up, with or without realising it, telling me that my opinion is wrong.

He never does it so directly but that is what happened.

Today I am hung over, I had a great time last night, out with friends while he worked, but needless to say, spanking while hungover is NOT fun.

Half the way through our 'discussion' I use that term loosely as he calls it this, I call it a lecture, I began to realise that I was being spanked wether I liked it or not.

I also knew that the more I spoke, the more fired up and angry I was becoming, which meant that my spanking was going to get worse.

I did not want this!  My husband has large hands, horrible implements, a nasty belt, and large muscles, I did not want it to get worse than it already clearly was.

So I agreed to everything he said.  Sat there pretending to listen while thinking to myself, 'C don't argue, C don't argue', and gave him what he wanted to hear.

The big mistake I made was to tell him this, so evidently the spanking elongated.  Infact it elongated to the point where I was lying there not moving much, not speaking or yelling, just resigned to the fact that it would end soon (not soon enough - it went on for ever).

So I am not sure what just happened, sometimes I wish I had CCTV so I could see at what point things went wrong.

He told me my attitude stinks and I was rude, I backchatted and as you US ladies would say, 'sassy'.

Hmmmm, maybe I am still a bit drunk from last night!

Oh well, on with my day on a sore backside!


  1. We're not all US ladies :) but the 'sassy' thing follows me anyways.....

    Dee x

  2. Haha - thanks for reading Dee.