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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

DD and sex

It was obvious that I would need to link the two on my blog at some point.

As I have said before we are not spankos, but despite that DD makes our sex life great!

As with normal couples, my HOH and I have gone through various sexual phases, from sex four times a day to nothing for over a month!

The latter is always my fault, and the former is certainly him.

But DD makes me really really horny, all of the time!

It is him.  His manly, take no nonsense, attitude really turns me on.

He regularly attacks me in the kitchen while I am cooking/cleaning/washing up.  I will be minding my own business when he grabs me from behind and nibbles my neck, wrapping his huge arms around me, groping me in all sorts of places.

It is the dominance, the commanding presence that he has that makes me feel like he is constantly whisking me off my feet.

I now find myself waking up in the morning desperate to make love to him! This was not me prior to DD.

He has a rule, that I must sleep without bottoms when I go to bed, so that when he gets in from work, sometimes at 2/3 am, he can have his wicked way with me!

I know that for most people DD and sex are often separate, but for us they are just part of each other.

I feel that, as his wife, I should obey him, keep our children and house in order, and please him sexually when he wishes it, and boy does he take advantage of this!

Recently he has taken to attacking me when I least expect it.

My instant reaction is often to run away!

This morning was a classic example.

I was in the shower, minding my own business.  I walked out of the shower and wrapped my hair in a towel, and noticed that the big boss man had walking into the bathroom.

I didn't at first think much of it. - Oh how naive I clearly am!

I walked across the room, blowing my nose and talking to him about mundane things, not really realising that he wasn't responding to me, but just standing watching me walk around naked in the bathroom.

I then looked down at his gentlemanly area, 'your flies are undone', I said in an informative tone.

'I know they are' he responded.  At that time I realised that he had naughty intentions, and my immediate reaction was to run away, but I was in the corner of the bathroom, with him in the doorway - nowhere to run!

'Bend over the sink' he said, as he lead me in that direction and gently bent me over'.

And then, well, you can guess the rest, lets just say he asserted his dominance in a different way!

And that is how my morning began!

It is becoming more and more frequent!  Last week he had me bent over the tumble-dryer in my apron!

So there you have it DD and our sex life!

I can't complain I love it! but he does catch me off my guard at times!

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  1. Daddy does that, too. It is totally yummy - both for the reasons you state and because I have never in my life felt as desirable as he makes me feel.