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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fight or Flight?

Okay feeling super nervous now.

It is the day.

My list of 'transgretions' as H called them are:

Swearing in front of my daughter (she copied)
Allowing her to rip up his car tax!
Eating badly two days in a row
Picking my spots two days in a row
Going over my internet two days in a row
and missing my curfew!

Oh holly cow.

I am, quite frankly, terrified.  He told me via email last night that he had thought of a 'few punishment ideas' for it.


I am so nervous right now!

I started running a week ago, today was day five of my running program (inspired by a fellow DD-er thankyou, you know who you are!) and I swear I ran harder today than before.

I feel like running forever, only to stay away from the switch, belt, cane, what ever it is that he has chosen to use.

I haven't felt scared in a long time but I am now!

Oh help! Advice would be greatly appreciated.


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