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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More women need to be OTK!

If my mother or the women in my family had been put OTK more often I think my family would be allot less wiered than it is now!

My father and mother are currently at the end of a very difficult divorce, it has been plodding on for years.  Finally next week the family home will be sold, the last court hearing is tomorrow and we can all move on.

Heartless I may seem to you reading this, but it has just gone on and on, and it is great, if slightly sad, that it is finally coming to an end.

Out of all the members in my family my husband and I seem to be the only stable ones! (I am touching some serious wood as I write this - oo does that also mean the same thing in the States!?)

My HOH is a strong man, who leads his family with pride, high standards and dignity.

Today I was foolish.  I drove in torrencial rain like an idiot and I almost ended up killing myself.  Stupid and foolish, and quite honestly I think we both know what sort of spanking I deserve! I am dreading it, but I am also aware that I deserve it.

The women in my family are ridiculous, if only they too had had strong men.

I love me Dad, more than anyone else in this world (daughter and husband not included).  However I have to be honnest in acknowledging that he allowed my mother to run riot!  She ended up for the last 5 years of their marriage doing nothing.  Not working, not earning money, not cleaning, nothing, and on top of all that being rude, horrible and aggressive at times.

I know he has a new lady in the pipeline, it's all very top secret at the moment, but I said to him the other day, 'Dad, please don't let this next lady take the mick, make sure she respects you!'

He came into my house the other day to see me, yet again brandishing some sort of cleaning implement (ha implement, freudian slip, can you tell I'm waiting for a spanking!).  He came in and said, 'hello Mrs Mop!'

It is ironic.  He raised me to be an independent woman, forthright in her opinions.  I was sent to a very feminist school, told off if a date ever paid for me, learnt how to renovate houses, tile bathrooms and by 18 all financial ties were cut, I was on my own and independent woman (oh the irony!).  He is more of a feminist than I ever was!  So now he comes to my house at least three times a week sees me clean, cook, look after the child and having given up my career to do so.

I can see in his face what he is thinking.  He is tied.  Tied between the thought that I am not fulfilling my potential and not some high-flying executive, or feminist writer or politician, set to take over the world.  But also I can see somewhere in his face that I have not turned into my mother!  I don't let my husband come home, late from work to find his own meals.  I don't make him clean all by himself while I go out for a jolly, spending the money he has earned.  No, instead I try my very best to make my children and husband as happy as I can make them, something my mother never has done.  And I can see in my father's eyes that he wishes for someone to do this for him.

My aunty too needs a strong man.  She is currently awaiting a court date for a bankruptcy hearing, as she has spent the last 10 years in bed, drinking Gin, eating and online shopping to the point of insanity!  She managed to spend over £100,000 on credit cards, just on stuff that they don't need!  She throws money at things, constantly, and her husband meanwhile sits back and allows her to do as she wishes.

It is just ridiculous and this is going on around us with all our friends all the time.

Sometimes my HOH and I just want to say to them, 'seriously man, take your wife in hand'.

So here I am sat writing my blog, awaiting my dreaded spanking.  I am terrified of how bad it's going to be.  Do I like it? No! But do I like DD? Yes of course.

I love who it makes us.  I love that it adds to the happiness that we have created.  If this is the answer to maintaining our happy home, then long may it last!

Though not sure if I will still be getting a switchin' when I'm old and grey!


  1. I have the same conversation with a friend I am out to - she asks how much I cam giving up, and I tell her not a quarter as much as I receive. That I have never been happier or as well loved.

    (((hugs))) hope it's not as bad as you fear.

    1. Yes that is very true June, very well put thankyou for your insight.

  2. I too agree more women could benefit from OTK! I also agree with when you said about not liking the spanking coming, but liking what DD has done for your relationship...

    I'm currently writing this on a warm bottom, and feeling like I'm on top of the world from the release it gave me.. I too had been reckless in another manner today and was spanked for it tonight.
    I know how I used to be before DD and before my Husband would take a stand against me.
    I love how we are now and I love that he won't let me get completely out of hand like before!

    1. I am glad you agree Emi, it's always lovely to have possitive comments like yours!

      I am so glad that your husband is doing well, and leading you in a strong manner, you seem to be very proud of him.
      Take Care

  3. I completely agree that more women could benefit from this. My husband and I are pretty new to this still, but we've grown so much closer together. We laughed a bit together the other day because his best friend's girlfriend was acting crazy!! I'm talking complete disrespect to him, drinking and driving, and not even checking in with him in days.... I said to my husband, "Man, he just needs to give her a good spanking!"

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  5. My husband has taken me in hand. Im 20 and he is 56. I use to be a wild child drinking and going to rock gigs. One night my future husband caught me outside his door knocking on it loudly! I was about to run off and knock on more doors.however he grabbed me and took me to his living room. He gave me a quick lecture then put me over his knee and spanked me about fifty times. When he let me go i was very quiet, in pain and never behaved badly again.

  6. Don't be so arrogant. Not everyone cares to live your lifestyle. Very childish.

    1. It's not childish there are hundreds of thousands of us. Don't read it if you can't cope with it! It's not childish to think that other women would benefit from a strong man taking charge. I am sure you are one of them! That is why you are commenting in such a way!