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Monday, 9 April 2012

my HOH is the boss

My HOH thanked me for calling him the boss yesterday.

When talking about him to my friends I call him the boss, despite them not knowing about DD.

'Yes I would love to come to you party, let me just check with the boss' or 'Thank you for the invite, the boss is really looking forward to it'.

Last night on route to our dinner party, and after my bad spanking, he came across the room towards me.

He towered over me and looked down into my eyes.

'You are going to behave tonight aren't you?' he said.

'Yes, of course'. I said indignantly.

'Yes what?' He said, with a rather threatening tone.

I knew I was balancing on the line by giving him an attitude-filled tone.

'I'm not sure I like your tone' he said, instantly filling me with dread.

'I'm sorry' I said hastily, automatically covering my very sore bottom with my hands.

'Put your hands by your side.'

I whimpered but obeyed.  He gave me 7 or 8 hard wacks with his hand over my underwear.  It stang against my raw backside.

'Just as a reminder that you need to behave tonight, OK? model wife remember?'

That's my big boss man.


  1. Sorry that you got such a hard spanking (been reading, just too busy to comment much.) I hope you both had a fun night out and you found some soft places to sit!

  2. I call mine 'The Big Guy' sometimes. He once jokingly referred to us as 'The President and V.P. :)

  3. @ Susie, Thank you for reading.
    It was not a good day! We did have a lovely evening thank you and I was almost a perfect wife in public!

    @Tess, Thanks for reading and commenting. That's hilarious! Though I don't think mine would think of me as his VP, perhaps secretary!