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Thursday, 19 April 2012

New Belt?

Today is my HOH's Bday - Hip Hip Hooray! The big 31!

Happy Birthday darling.

So He kept moaning about the fact that his belt was uncomfortable and that he wanted a new one.

His last one broke and he has started using one with metal rivets on it, that he found in a bunch of old clothes at his folks house.

He used to favor using the belt to punish me but hasn't used it for ages (he obviously can't use the metal one!)

And it is true that he really did need another one - it wasn't some evil ploy to get me to buy him a nasty new implement!

I didn't know whether to get him one or not.  It seemed like a silly thing to do, to buy him something that he will use on me to assert his authority (and which will hurt ALOT).

On the other hand however he has stopped using his old belt and instead uses a paddle, which i have already mentioned I HATE!!!!!

Oh, and did I mention, I HATE IT?!?

So I decided to take  the plunge and buy him a new belt.  To be honest it won't mean he will spank me more right? I'm not a spanko, so this isn't a kinky thing!  It is purely practical! I don't want his trousers to fall down!

To be honest I think I also prefer it to the paddle, but that is just my opinion, he will chose what he uses!

So the thing arrived in the post, it was pretty, leather, brown, nice brass buckle...

...did I look at it like a beautiful fashion accessory? Hell no, I looked at it judging how much it would hurt if it came down hard upon my rear end.

Something that did bother me is that it is a NEW belt.

It isn't soft and supple, it is hard and needs wearing in.  Does anyone reading this know how long this will take?  If he used this on me it would surely damage me, it is solid!

Anyway, I am sure it won't take a long time for it to be useful in more ways than just keeping his trousers up.

I shall no doubt soon be reporting back on how well this new present of his has 'persuaded' me to be as polite and gracious a wife as I can be!

Hmmm perhaps I should have bought him a pair of socks instead! SIGH!


  1. Happy Birthday to your HoH :) Hmmm,not sure this is really what you want to hear, but oiled leather becomes much more supple.

  2. Thanks June, why don't you tell him yourself! (

    And yes, I think I may keep that one to myself!

    1. I read him as well, and never even thought to, lol. I'll do that belatedly! Yes, you may wish to :)

  3. Just for the record, his new belt didn't need much wearing in before he used it on me! oh well!