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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sore backside = Happiness?

I came to a realisation today.

It was a good realisation, a 'Eureka' moment!

I have finally got it!

With help from the Big Boss Man - I have finally got it! - 'Got What?' I hear you cry.

I have finally got it.

DD, TTWD, TIH, CDD what ever blinking bracket you chose to place yourself in, I have finally got it!

I have spent the best part of a year or so, in trouble, all the time! At times it was thoroughly annoying, let alone painful!

Colour of my bottom from 2010 - 2012!

I have spent the past week away from home.  Some with my HOH and two weekends without (me away and him at home).

This was the first time that I have been away from him where I have actively made choices to submit to him in his absence.

I was on a Hen-do this weekend.

There was much hilarity, I would normally have thrown myself into everything, but this time I ended up not doing allot of things, knowing that my HOH wouldn't approve.

So many times I stopped before doing things and thought 'The big boss man would seriously tell me off if I do this', so I chose not to do things and to be the subservient, DD wife that I aim to be.

I felt the hand of his love and guidance on my shoulder all the time that he wasn't with me and it was wonderful.

I realized that I am more behaved when he isn't with me than when he is! I guess I don't have to follow house rules and he isn't here to be disrespectful to, but it goes further than that.

I now feel like DD is all around me, he is guiding my thoughts, even when he isn't in the room!

Perhaps this means that I will start to be spanked less!

Or perhaps it means that maintenance will start to become a regular occurrence! (hmmmm, didn't think of that! never mind).



  1. It's wonderful to be so well loved you can feel his presence when he is not there. Be proud of yourself - I see that he is :)

  2. Arrr June, what a lovely comment, thank you so much.

    I am proud of him and us!

  3. It sounds like some pretty great progress to me!