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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stop Swearing

My HOH thinks he has found the cure for my swearing.

Wives and partners of the DD world, may I suggest you don't tell your HOHs about this.

It is horrible.  I am given a pea-sized amount on a spoon.  It is so potent that it says, 'not for pregnant women or people with heart conditions' on the side of the bottle.

It makes me cough for at least 30 minutes after, and burns for longer still.

It even makes me have palpitations, like some sort of drug!

It is not nice!  Will I swear again? - Likely
Will I consciously swear again? - Not likely


  1. Oh my gosh! You poor thing. How did you find this horrible sauce?

    1. Hi Lynn. My HOH is really into his chilly, so we have it in the house anyway. It was the hottest that he could find. Even a dot from a cocktail stick is enough to burn for half an hour!. You can find it online, even amazon, but I wouldn't tell P!

  2. I have long struggled with this. Luther uses soap and now, a spanking too. You may find my struggles with this and the ideas my friends on this blog helped me with. It is a tough one but I have not cursed for over 3 months. Wishing you the best. Love, Isabella

    1. Wow, really, three months is impressive.

      I will take a look thankyou.