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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Boot Camp?

OK, so we bought Clint's wonderful book ( over 3 months ago now.

I have been less than submisive and as soon as my college course is over (end of June), he tells me that we need to go through boot camp.

But bar Clint and his lovely wife Chelsea, I don't know of any others who have done boot camp, or any equivalent of.

Please comment if you have done boot camp.  I would love to have your thoughts.



  1. We have not, but there is an LDD group on Cafe Mom and many of the members have undertaken boot camp. There is even a discussion board devoted to boot camp.
    Hope that helps :)

  2. Wow June, that is very useful thank you

  3. We did boot camp 5 months ago, and are planning for a second. It is hard, but doable. The end results were very rewarding.

    1. Thanks so much anonymous. May I ask, did you do Clint't version and if so, did you stick to it religiously?