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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A gift from my HOH

Husband, 'Darling I have a surprise for you'.

Me, 'hooray! - I love presents'

Husband, with glint in his eye. 'Guess what it is'.

Me, 'Oh I love games'

could it be ...'

'Jewelry?... Rather hopeful...

Husband, 'Nope, guess again'.

Me, 'OK, could it be..............ummmmm.......

............A lovely evening out somewhere?'

Husband, 'No sorry sweetie, guess again.'

Me, Slightly impatient at this point for my gift
'Could it be......

...a pair of shoes?' Very hopeful and excited at the prospect.

Husband, 'No darling sorry, do you give up?'

Me, 'Yes, darn it, tell me, what have you bought me?'

Husband, produces parcel from out of a cupboard.

Looking at the shape I am completely confused.

What do I want which is long and thin?

I began opening the gift, as my husband said.

'It is something you need.'

'Sometimes you need it more than other days'

'And you recently broke one, so I thought I would replace it'.

Suddenly my heart sunk, I had a terrible feeling I knew what it was.


It couldn't be, could it?

'Surprise darling!' He said, looking smug.

'There's one to replace the one your bottom broke last week'.


What a kind husband I have!


  1. yikes!!! that looks horrible!! Best of luck with that one C!! Milly

  2. Thanks Milly, I shall as ever report back if I feel that one!

    It isn't actually the one in the picture. It is a Rattan cane, with a black handle! Very flexible, You can bend it completely and it doesn't snap!

  3. Hi C, My husband has bought a horrible padde. It's a nasty black boudoir style from London Tanners!!! I hate it with a passion! I might hide the wretched thing!! Hope you have a good day and can stay out of trouble! Take care Milly

  4. Hi Milly, thanks for reading and commenting.
    Don't hide it, or for sure you will be seeing more of it than you wish!


  5. Hi C, yeah .. You can say that again! Tonight is not going well.!!! I've had an awful day today too. Everything has gone wrong!!! I am hoping to start my blog soon. Take care Milly