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Friday, 11 May 2012

I'm in love

I have recently had a great deal of negativity projected around me.  There has been some online and some comments on here, but also in my private life.

I am often astonished that people are so negative and self-centred.  I have had great sadness in my life but I am so lucky, I am thankful each hour for what I have been given.

So to mark that and to remind myself just how lucky I am, I wanted to write on here to express what  I am thankful of.

I have a wonderful father, who loves me very much, a gorgeous and intelligent daughter and I live in a beautiful country, where I can have great education for my kids, great health care and I am very fortunate that life’s lottery placed me in this world.

But for the purpose of this blog, I want to focus on one particular part of my life that makes me particularly happy – my wonderful husband.

Otherwise known as The Big Boss Man, or my HOH.

My darling HOH and I met 6 and a half years ago in a sleepy town in Dorset.  I was here working as a journalist, waiting to go to university and he was here playing a gig in a local bar.

I was not a local, I had come back from living in Mexico and I needed somewhere to stay so went to live with my parents, who had relocated 100 miles from my hometown.

I had met a new friend and we decided to go out for the first time.  That first night out, was to the bar where my future husband was playing.

We walked in, past the musician and to the bar, where we ordered a bottle of wine, then went to sit upstairs.  I looked at the musician as I passed him and thought, ‘oo he’s attractive.’

That evening my friend and I got to know each other to the background music of my future husband’s beautiful voice and guitar.

I would never have thought that that wonderful singing giant (he’s 6 foot 7), would be my amazing husband, he seemed beyond my league, somehow intangible.  But little did I know, we are now happily married with a beautiful daughter.

So that was almost seven years ago, so where are we now?

Other people who we know often ask us, how are we so happy.  This used to happen before DD too but DD certainly helps.

My wonderful husband is so talented, he has no idea that when he sings he can have every person in the room in the palm of his hand. 

He is so handsome, so loving and caring, he does everything to ensure that his family are cared for, protected, well fed and happy.

He works so hard to ensure we are all looked after.

He is strong and leads with his head held high, full of pride, at the wonderful family that he has created.  But he is also wonderfully sensitive and when touched in a certain situation he can crumble and needs to lie in my arms cuddling me.

He is passionate and gets fired up about things, so enthusiastic about his passions and hobbies that he could bend your ear for eternity and still not repeat one fact.

I feel safe in his arms, secure, loved, protected and looked after.

He holds me to account for my mistakes because he knows that it makes me stronger and us stronger as a whole.

I love him so very much, I feel part of him, I feel we are the same person, two halves of a whole.
So thank you darling.  You work so hard for us in many many ways and yet you do it with a smile.
I love you so much my sweet heart. Thank you.

Thank you for reading this post.  May I ask one thing of you? Please be grateful for what you have.  Even in times of great sadness, we all still have wonderful things around us that we can be thankful for.  It is sad when people cannot see these things, but instead focus on unhappiness or frivolities.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. I'm so sorry that there has been some negativity coming at you. I can understand the feelings that led you to what happened. No one should ever throw stones until they have lived your story. It was brave of you to share your story here. And the only ones with a right to an opinion are you husband, you and your mother. I just wanted to tell you that {{{hugs}}}.

    This is a very lovely post. I feel exactly as you say about my Ward. He is my center and my boundaries. He is my other half and he is my heart. I give thanks every moment that I somehow earned the privilege of having this wonderful man in my life. He takes my breath away every day. I cannot imagine it without him.

    1. Hi June.
      Thank you for sharing, how wonderful.

  2. Such a sweet post...I can feel the love!

    People have always said that to us too, before ttwd was ever in the picture - such a happy couple, and how do we do it? It makes me feel so proud of us.

    It sounds like you both have a lot to be thankful for:) And what a great how-we-met story!

  3. Hi Tess, thank you for the message, love is superb isnt it?

  4. Hi C my name is Milly, I am also from the Uk and in a DD relationship. I so sorry you have had negativity and people have been unkind to you. Remember they are probably jealous as you are obviously very happy and have a wonderful husband. Take care Milly R

  5. Hi Milly.
    Thank you for reading and commenting, and for your kind words.
    So lovely to hear from more Brits!