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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Interview with my HOH

OK, so I know my HOH has his own blog (, but he has been so busy lately that I thought that I would interview him on here.

I always love too see an insight into the partners of blog writers, so here's mine.  I think it is particularly fitting, especially after the last spanking that I wrote about and many of you have commented on it's severity.

So I hope you enjoy it.

How did you feel about the prospect of DD, before we started it?

I was intrigued and could understand how, in theory, it could be very beneficial to a couple with a relationship dynamic such as ours.
However I was unsure how it would work in practice with human nature being the way it is.

At the start how did it make you feel?

It almost feels like being assertive, as a man, is taboo in modern society and asserting my authority and expecting and demanding that it be acknowledged and expected, almost felt like I was reaching for a forbidden fruit.  I thought, can this exist? Is this allowed? Will the society boundaries that are put upon us as people, allow us to do this with a clear conscience.

How did you rectify those feelings?

The more you do something the more natural it seams.  I pushed myself into doing it.
Whatever you do, when you change something in your life, diet, employment, it always feels odd to start with, but when you do something all the time, it becomes a part of what you do, if you do something enough it isn't weird any more.

Tell me about what you can remember about the first punishment you gave me.

I remember not reacting to it because I was so focused on doing it right.  I didn't have time to process the way I felt about it.  Afterwards I felt reassured because of your reaction to it.  You seemed chastened by the punishment and you received it gratefully.  You reacted to it in the best possible way because you need it in your life,  it was you donating your backside to the cause, in exchange for a better life and a deeper understanding between the two of us.

Do you think that DD would benefit other people?

Yes definitely, many many people.  We live in a culture that minimises male authority and maximizes opportunities for a woman to be willful and irresponsible if they wish.

Has dd made you sexist?

No it has made me aware of reverse sexism and how suppressed men are and how society expects the alpha male to shut up and do as he's told.  It is a disease of society and it is no more or less a disease than sexism in its traditional sense.

At the end of the day, no person should be made to feel suppressed.  DD wouldn't work for a very strident and dominant, feminist woman perhaps.

I think you're wrong darling.

You have to be prepared to give yourself as a man, and allow yourself to be a man and a woman has to allow herself to be a woman otherwise it wouldn't work,  but we live in a society where men aren't allowed to be men and women are made to feel that they shouldn't be women in the traditional evolutionary sense.

Discussing my last spanking, what made you decide that course of action?

I consider stealing to be serious enough, let alone stealing from a family member.

I as hoh have to have a zero tolerance policy for that type of behaviour and it is not something that anyone can really judge without knowing the situation and the background and the people involved.  I completely stand by my decisions and I am 100% sure that the course of action I took was the right one.

Would you say DD has changed us?

I don't think it has changed us but it has enabled us to accentuate the positives in our relationship and minimise the negatives.

Am I different because of DD?

Your approach has changed and I feel you have learned allot about diplomacy, social subtlety and personal interaction.  I think you consider peoples feeling more and I think you pay more mind to the way your actions impact the lives of others.

Has it changed you?

No, but it has enabled me to access parts of my personality that were perhaps a little suppressed before. Such as my natural instinct and desire to be a leader and the person to make the decisions that ensure my family runs as smoothly, unsuccessfully and morally as possible.

That's a big responsibility.

I am up to the job, I wouldn't have taken it on if I wasn't.


  1. Beautiful! How awesome of him to share himself like this! Congratulations on how it looks like you've both made steps in growth in your relationsip!

    1. Hi Christina,
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      And for kind remarks.
      He is awesome!

  2. Arrogant and arrant nonsense

    1. Dear MrandMrsB, I am not entirely sure what you are gaining by writing such remarks, I do hope it makes you feel better about yourself in someway.
      I honestly don't believe in controlling what people say on here, as I believe in freedom of speech however, I also wont tolerate meanness, of which your entire presence on my blog is classified as.

      Why on earth would you criticize and insult others? What are you trying to achieve?

      I will not publish any more of your comments unless they are polite. The internet is filled with people like you and it is very unnecessary.


  3. I'm sorry that the mean folks have found your blog. I for one thought it was neat that he answered these questions. It helps all of us get to know you better.

  4. Hi Susie, thanks for those kind words.
    It is a shame that in this world people get a kick out of others' unhappiness. I feel sorry for them. I only presume that it is these people who are lonely and unhappy themselves, for if they weren't they wouldn't need to spread the unhappiness in which they feel.

    Take care.