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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Model wife?

My HOH has long had an obsession with projecting an image of mutual respect and love to others when in public.

Last night we went to a wedding.

This would normally have been a wonderful occasion, except that the last wedding we went to, I drunk too much and kicked him in the gentlemanly area!

I'm not proud of this, but it was a long time ago (a year!) and before we really found our comfort zone between HOH and respectful wife.

My HOH, being a musician, often plays at the wedding that we are invited to, in fact I don't think we have ever been to one where he hasn't played!

So this means that it isn't just a wedding, where most of our friends are, but also a working environment for him.  So you can see why I am expected to be on my best behaviour at such events.

I woke up in the morning in a foul mood.

I have recently been over doing it, working too hard, going out too much, and have been poorly as a result.  This meant that I was rude to my beloved, I was snappy and angry and this culminated in me smacking his bottom!

Well ladies and gents, this is never going to go down well to any HOH, and I am a fool for doing it.

So at 8am, before my friend's wedding, I found myself, pajamas down my ankles and over my husband's knee quicker than you could say 'spankedwifeUK'!

He told me that I was rude and had an attitude and that I needed to behave today like a 'model wife'.

I'm not sure what this means.

Does it mean that he wants me to be like this...

Or like this...

or this...

No I know what he means.  He wants me to be respectful and loving and to behave properly towards him and others and not to get overly drunk.

So did I?????

Well I'd say so.

Yes there was a time in the day when I was quite rude to him in public but I hope he gave me that one for free! - fingers crossed.

When he was with his band mates, I stood on his arm and smiled and nodded in the correct places.  I didn't embarrass him and I didn't get drunk (well not too drunk! ;) )

Have a lovely day everyone.


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