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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Our Spanking Ritual

I was having a chat with a fellow Dder the other day.

 She was asking what we do in our spanking process.  I said to her that I would blog what we do so here it is.

Everything in life has it's ritual.  How you pour the milk on your cornflakes, how you place the toilet roll in the holder (mine has to face outwards).

And DD is no different.  In fact, if anything, I would say that DD has more ritual to it.

Our's is a carefully whittled procedure now, with my husband holding the chisel of course!

It starts like this, lets give an example of me being rude to him.

HOH, looking stern and down at me from his enormous height. 'I have told you already today, you WILL NOT speak to me like that.'

Me, sheepishly, hoping that I can still maintain some control of the situration and prevent a spanking, 'OK, I'm sorry'.

'Come and sit with me on the end of the bed' he says.  Gesticulating to the place where all punishments begin.

At this point I feel like I am walking towards the hang man's noose.

I scoot across the covers, reluctantly and sit on the end of the bed, always on his right and face him legs crossed, awaiting the lecture.

I begin by looking down, ashamed and scared, dreading the spanking that will surely follow.

'Look at me please' he says, stern but calm and always undoubtedly in control.

I look at him in the eyes, probably with those puppy dog eyes that say, 'please don't spank me'!
But they never work!

Then the lecture starts.

'Do you know why I am going to spank you?' he says.

'Yes, because I was rude to you', I say, really hoping it won't be a bad one.

Then he asks me questions, generally where I will incriminate myself further, by telling him silly things like 'I like being rude to you' or 'well I don't care, you deserved me speaking to you like that'. I'm not sure why these things pop out of my mouth at the worst possible moments!

Then the spanking part begins.

'Stand up please' he says, with no emotion in his voice whatsoever.

So I do as I am told, ever the submissive wife (that so isn't true - but I do try!)

I stand there, sometimes with my hands covering my eyes, to prevent me from really acknowledging the embarrassment that I am feeling.

He then lifts up my dress and pulls down my underwear/tights, or whatever I am wearing.

'Bend over my lap' he says, again with no emotion.  In control, in charge, strong but trusting tone to his voice.

I then bend over his lap, knickers around ankles, to put my head on the bed and instantly grab a pillow. I do this for a few reasons.  One, I like to know that I can muffle my screams in something! Two, it is rather comforting, and three, it is always nice to have something to bite down on in the case of a severe spanking!

Then it begins! I can usually tell by the severity and length of the warm up how bad the spanking is going to be.

He usually starts by warming me up pretty gently.  This allows me to get into the right head space, but also for the tissue in my backside to prepare itself for the onslaught that is about to hit it!

He gets into a warm-up rhythm where he spanks and rubs, before his hand has left my buttocks.
Then after 40 or so, he stops and rubs my backside, rather hard, like he is trying to kneed bread dough!

Then the actual spanking begins, and always with the hand.  Years ago he read up on how to effectively spank with his hand, so as to leave him relatively unharmed, but leaving me sore.  The way I understand it from my end (litereally) is that he touches me for a relatively little amount of time, almost like a circle swinging motion.  His hand is rigid, swatting all over the area, very effectively, building up intensity as he goes. His method is so effective that it often feels like he is using the paddle.

Then after 20-40 (this is my approximation, I really don't know how many he does, I have tried counting but am a little distracted!), he stops again and rubs again.

I hate it when he rubs it again, it generally means that there is worse to come with his hand.

Then he repeats the hand spanking, this time harder still.

Then depending on what I have done he will reach for an implement.

He says, 'Now lie over the bed please'.  I slither off his lap, not removing my face from the pillow, and lie so that my body is flat on the bed, but my rear end hang of the end of the bed and my legs are on the floor.

At this point I am always nervous.  I hear the creak of the wardrobe door, the fumbling around inside the wardrobe to pick his implement of choice, and then I hear him close the door.

Either that, or I hear him undoing his trousers and the jingle jangle of his belt as he pulls it through his jeans.

Then the final part begins.  If it's the cane or the switch, he gives me 15-25 depending on the offense. If it's the paddle, it can be anywhere up to 35/40 and if it's the belt, he tends not to give me a number.

After the last one, I lie panting in the bed, face still in the pillow.  He lies next to me for a moment, strokes my hair and says gently 'it's over now sweetheart'.  The disciplinarian voice has gone, and the caring, gentle, sweet and loving voice is back.

'Get onto my lap darling' he says, still gently.

My instinct is to lie there and feel sorry for myself at this point and not cuddle him as he asks, but I want to obey, and I know that it will make me feel better.  So I gather myself up and sit on his lap legs up to my chest and cuddling into his.  He envelopes me in his huge and loving arms and kisses me on the top of the head.

'Lie down with me' he says.

And then I get into bed and he too, and we lie together, sometimes for half an hour.  Often I apologise at this point, and he always replies with, 'I know darling, it's OK, it's over now'.

Sometimes we make love at this point, but sometimes not, it all depends on the moment and the situation.

Then after the cuddling we get on with our day with the balance restored.

Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. Sounds somewhat familiar C.

  2. Yes, familiar and comforting.

  3. Ouch. I didn't like reading that! It does sound somewhat familiar, although I am hardly ever spanked anywhere other than otk or otl.

    And my husband doesn't believe in warmups. I guess its more that he thinks he does it, but he doesn't..

    1. Hi Stormy, neither does my husband now! - this was written some time ago.