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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Actions = Consquesnces

My HOH is stepping things up and as the queen would say 'One is not amused' (imagine snooty posh English accent here).

He came down hard for my series of silly actions which meant that I missed work - woops!

I was lectured and then lectured some more.

Why oh why, do I have a habit of laughing and smirking when he lectures me!?
It is so silly, but when he tells me off for it I laugh even more.  I am like a naughty little school girl.

The worst part about my punishment was the fact that he was able to say, 'You see darling, I was right!'

I hate it when he has justification to say that! - darn it!

So how did this start?

It started with the words, 'honestly darling you can trust me'.

I asked for trust that I could manage my own internet time, well it turns out that I can't, having gone over my internet time, missing my curfew and then slept in and didn't go to work.

I don't think that the words 'you can trust me' will be uttered again.

So how did he handle it?

It's natural I guess, just as a cat goes around spraying to mark his territory, so my husband marks his with new rules.

So we shall see how this next phase of Dd goes.

I must finish this blog post now, my HOH is sat next to me telling me that maintenance is due (I was rude last night to him),  Sigh, off I go!  

I think I liked it better when I wasn't punished so much.



  1. I admire you for your freedom. I'm in a dd relationship more tough. I never have to answer back when my HOH speak about a punishment. He's the boss, I obey, that's all. I have only to drop my pants, bend over, and have a meeting with the straps of the martinet. (I'm French).
    When the mistake is committed at a friends house where the couple knows the nature of our relation, and when no child is at home, I'm punish immediately. Yes, pants down, on my bare bottom. Nothing sexual, our friends are good guys, and I'm 61, and may be not a pinup anymore.
    I beg your pardon in the case you judge my post disrespectful for you or your reader. It's just a testimony, and once again I have a lot admiration for your blog and your free thinking.

  2. WOW Sophie, that is a different form of Dd that you live in.
    For us, it is personal and private between man and wife, so any punishment is between us.
    As for your HOH being more strict than mine, probably. My HOH gives me three chances, then punishes. I struggle with obedience and my attitude.
    Thanks for reading