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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Always in trouble

They say that it never rains but it pours.

I went for weeks without a spanking (if you don't count maintenance), but now my husband is set to give me my fourth spanking of the week!

I am thinking that this may be a record! - It is for me that's for sure.

I am not intentionally naughty, but it all seems to happen at once!

Last night when my husband was at work I wanted to do two things.

1) Go up into the loft to get some paint so that I could touch up the toddler crayon and food on our living room walls, and
2) Light a bonfire in the garden to burn some of my college work that I can't store and don't want to keep.

'Light a fire? isn't that drastic' - I hear you cry!

Well probably, but it was too much to throw away.  There were about 20 wall sized fabriano paintings (thick wallpaper type paper) and I had nowhere to store them.

So I thought about going into the loft to get the paint.  My husband has forbade me from doing this when he is away, as our ladder is dangerous and if I fell no one would know I was hurt.  So I thought, I will be obedient and didn't go into the loft. - Hoorah, one point to me for being submissive!

I was sat in the living room and the pile of paintings were staring at me.  I wanted to tidy up the house so I decided to go outside and burn them.

I placed them in an old metal incinerator and it just so happens that we had found a large bottle of paraffin earlier in the day, so I thought I would use that to light the fire.  I also added some lighter fluid for good measure!

At the back of my mind a tiny voice was saying, 'Charlie this is dangerous, and if it's dangerous you might be in trouble'.

But I silenced that voice of reason and lit the fire.

It was nice and dramatic and soon it bored me so I left it to burn and went indoors.

Nothing dramatic happened, though I did realise afterwards that the bin would burn a hole in the grass, in an area where my husband had just reseeded our lawn - oopsie!

I was sitting in the living room watching television when I realised that my curfew had ended.

I decided to not make any possible situation worse and obediently left my computer downstairs (my internet had ended for the evening too) and go up to bed.

After I had sorted out my daughter and got ready for bed I was 15 minutes over my curfew.

My husband deducts any time that I go over my curfew off of my normal bed time which is 11pm when he isn't there.

There is rationale behind this, I sometimes get into something that I am enjoying have been known to stay up till the early hours reading, watching a film, and then am too tired the next day to function properly as a mother and wife.

I was lying in bed ready to go to sleep when I thought I would text my husband to see if I was in trouble.

It went like this:

Me: "Darling, would you be angry if I lit a bonfire in the garden without you here and used lighter fluid and parafin?"

Him: "No, so long as you told me before and we discuss safety guidelines.  Also you wouldn't need both so that would be excessive."

Me: "I already did it :( x"

Him: "Why?  Why does all hell break out when I am out at work, we will deal with this in the morning".

Time went by, I was still up and it was now past midnight. Although I had left my computer downstairs, I had stupidly stayed online on my smartphone, or Twitter, downloading new apps and texting a friend who was also in trouble with her husband (you know who you are! :) )

Me: "Okay darling, I'm sorry I love you"

Him: "It is after midnight, why are you still awake?"

Me: "I didn't want to go to sleep"

Him:  "Why? It is a rule for a reason"

Me: "I was enjoying having me time"

Him: "And have you gone over your internet?"

Me: "Yes...Sorry :("

Feeling it all spiraling at this point and visualizing the implements lining up.

Him: "Right well clearly we need to deal with this now. I will be home at 1am I will spank you when I get in"

Now I was scared! He has woken me up before when a spanking was important and couldn't wait till the morning, but I really didn't want him to.

Me: "Please don't do that, it isn't fair to wake me up"

Him: "You should have thought of that when you broke your rules"

Me: "Please don't, what if you wake up the neighbors, they would be really concerned"

Him: "OK, I am too tired anyway, but I WILL spank you in the morning"

Me: "Thank you, I'm sorry.  Love you"

Him: "Love you too, naughty wife"

So it is now 9AM, and he hasn't woken up yet.

He has to leave for work at 10AM, so not sure if he has set his alarm and allowed enough time to squeeze in a spanking.

Darn it! How did everything get so bad last night! What was I thinking.

I said I was talking to a friend till late.  She told me that she had shredded her husband's transgressions list after having a row with him last night!

I was thinking, crikey I wouldn't want to be her right now.

Just as I realised that I had managed to break so many rules in one night!

Darn it! Perhaps I should have thrown the cane and belt on the fire while I was at it! How much worse could it be!

Yeah maybe that's not such a good idea!

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