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Monday, 18 June 2012

Being an idiot, and knowing the inevitable is coming

Oh darn it.

I have been an idiot.

I have caused a spiral of events because I didn't follow a simple rule of my husbands.

This means that two things are bound to happen.
1 - he will have full right to say the dreaded words 'I told you so'!
2 - a spanking is on it's way.

I hate when things like this happens.

At the time I think, what is the worst that can happen, then the whole darn house of cards comes tumbling down around me, and so do the implements!

So let me take you back to the beginning.

I finished college and without having any rest time or relaxation time, I took on an even more stressful job.

My husband told me not to, I didn't listen, I can't say no to people and I was coerced into organising a large event for artists in my local town.

I managed to get others involved so it's not all me, but despite that I spend all day everyday working towards this, and it's completely voluntary.  

Because of this I am not spending enough time with my daughter and the house is a state!

Ontop of that I haven't spent any time just relaxing, so I have spent two nights this week staying up later than I was allowed, and playing around on the internet.

I managed to persuade my HOH to give me more internet time, this was probably a mistake as I am now online all night, and consequently I don't go to bed at the right time.

He made me go to bed even earlier last night to make me sleep, but I ignored him and stayed up later.

I don't know why I do this, basically I am an idiot!  I am no shattered and can't wake up, am staring at the load of dirty dishes and have loads of work to do while my daughter is playing happily at my feet.

To top it all off, this morning because I was so tired, I forgot to go to work! I teach English to a spanish guy on Monday mornings and I just forgot! I was so tired I got up with daughter and went back to sleep while she watched TV in bed with me.  

The place where I teach called my dad, who is also my boss, who came round my house and woke me up!

So because of my stupidity, I have a dirty house an angry student, work and father, I am tired and I still have more to do!

And all this because I am plain stupid!

Oh well, my husband is home this afternoon, he will no doubt sort it all out for me.  In more ways than one!



  1. It sounds like you're working on accepting, deep down, who's in charge. It will come, if you give it time...getting "this thing" is not an overnight process! Sara

    1. Hi Sara, yep, problem is that I have been working on this for years now! Sometimes i feel submissive and other times not!


  2. I'm sorry for your sore bottom. I don't want add pain to your pain, but this additional punishment have a really good impact on my behavior. When I'm naughty my HOH add 1000 lines to my punishment. Not each time, in fact, but often. To write an humbling sentence 1000 times help you a lot to thinking, and avoid a spanking in the future for the same mistake.
    Your blog is great.
    Best regards.

    1. Ah, did I not mention, I have 500 lines to write now!

  3. With respect, here's a good example of why people have issues with DD. Do you feel you are so "stupid" (your word, not mine) that you need corporal punishment in order to function as an adult? How does getting a beating (as if you're a disobedient child) from your husband help you gain self-discipline and maturity? It makes no sense to me that getting hit (or writing lines or standing in the corner like a kindergarden student) is the only way you can take responsibility for your own behavior. As I see it, it almost reinforces your bad behavior because it gets you your husband's undivided attention. Meanwhile, your husband expects you to have a spotless house and perfect children, regardless of the hours you spend working outside the home doing a job that obviously you find rewarding or you wouldn't do it.

  4. Hi Anonymous, well now, you are the first non Dd comment that I have received.
    Interesting. I would be interested to know how found my blog? I have looked at my stats and you either came through another Dd blog, or you were googling spanking! So I am guessing you found what you were looking for, but not in the way that you thought was normal.

    Well an easy answer to your comment is, we all live different lives, I personally am not a Christian, jew or Muslim, however I do not judge others, and I think it would be wrong of me to judge others.

    You are voicing your opinion, yes and you have that right, but also bear in mind that it took me 21,000 hits to have an anti Dd comment.

    You will never understand why many thousands of us feel that this is the correct life choice, so there is little point in me trying to convince you otherwise. However as an experiment of open mindedness and cultural relativism(i suggest you google that last one as you could learn from it), I would suggest that you look around and read up to see why we choose this lifestyle.

    Secondly your last point about what my husband 'expects' of me, is incorrect. As far as bringing money into the home, I currently only work 2 hours a week, whereas my husband has a full time job. I stay at home with our daughter and we BOTH expect me to keep ontop of the housework and childcare, so that last point you made was incorrect.

    But many thanks for reading all the same.


  5. I put it to annoymous why if you have such strong opinions with regards to DD and its practice do you waste your time reading the posts.

    A very well executed response C

    His Princess

  6. Ah, another "50 Shades of Grey" comment comes out! Spanking is not hitting. Let's repeat that people who don't get it! We are not hit. We are not abused. It's controlled. It's consensual. In fact, knowing that we have an outlet for anger, makes us more safe, not less. There are rules that guide the interaction. Anon, there is no reason why we do this thing we do, except it keeps us connected, it speaks to a part of us in a way nothing else does, and it's helpful. Does it hurt. Yes. But, so does living. I got stung by a wasp today. Am I going to burn my rose bushes, done a bee suit, and avoid being outside all summer? No, I'm not.

    We are sorry you can comprehend it. We don't need you to, frankly. I don't know why people like eggs. It's not because they had deep demented psyches against chicken. They just do, and I don't. There are people in this lifestyle with all kinds of backgrounds. They go forward, though, to live. Their baggage comes, too, and a caring, loving partner is the best way to unpack that, and put it away for good. It may seem illogical to you, but that's because you didn't get the spanko gene. Period.

    Here's a thought. Celebrate this young mom, and post on methods to juggle and prioritize multiple things that interest her. As for me, JJ, thanks for saying yes and doing that project. Too many people say no. So what if the house is a mess. It won't be forever. Keep saying yes for things you love and that make your community a better place. The busiest people are always the most proficient ones. You can't do it all. You get it. Next time you might go about it differently, namely getting more assistance up front from the get go, but don't stop saying yes. The world is self-driven enough. Love what you cherish as important and accept there will be a mess here and there in that. I'm hoping that's the loving message your husband will help you see this evening. I

    did't mean to take over and comment here. You did a fine job yourself, but I was inspired. "Grey" people are suddenly everywhere, and I truly do not get it. It is one of the worst written things I've ever read. The author is clueless about almost everything, yet her pathetic comments on the lifestyle are viewed as accurate. Seriously people? An author who thinks billionaires at 27 exist, they employ 40,000 people, and they have time to devote to bubble head new graduates, are not to be given any credence at all!

    Peace to you JJ and all of you sister spankos,