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Friday, 29 June 2012

Dd when there's no spanking

I realise that I normally blog when a punishment has happened or is due but that I don't talk about Dd in a day to day scenario.

It dawned on me today that apparent Dd behaviour pops up  throughout the day in many different scenarios.

Half the time I float about with submission in my heart, the other half the time I enjoy moaning about it and looking heavenwards when I am told off about something or when my darling big Boss man calls me to task.

Today was one of those days where our paths didn't meet.  I got up with our daughter at 7am, while he slept till 11.30 (he worked last night).  I went off to work at 12:00 - 4:30 and I got home as he ran off to the gym.

When he got home he had ten minutes to shower before he ran off to work.

He came home while I was bathing our daughter and I had left the house unlocked with the key in the inside of the lock, meaning he was locked out! - Oopsie!

He was banging and banging on the door for ten minutes even the neighbours came out to check he was okay.

By the time I came down and found him, he wasn't pleased.  I ran off to be with our daughter, and also to be away from an angry, post exercise and therefore adrenaline filled husband.

He joined me upstairs where I was cleaning the bathroom (you see I am a good house wife!)

I said, 'Am I in trouble?'

'No' He said, rushing to get work.

Phew, bullet dodged.

He was changing in our bedroom, when I walked in.

I walked with a bit of a swagger, a swagger that said, YEY, I just dodged a spanking! WooHoo!!

And I think he could sense it.

'Come here' he commanded.  I walked up to him a stood, eye to eye, with him sitting on the edge of the bed (he's a large man!).

Whenever I am in trouble, it makes me feel tiny in comparison to him.  I am not small, I'm normally built, 5 foot 6, but he towers over me physically and with his presence.

'You are due some maintenance' he said.

I sighed and my light swagger turned into attitude and annoyance.  At one point I may even have raised an eyebrow.

He held me around my waist with one arm and placed his hand on my backside with the other.  When he does this it understandably makes me nervous.  He isn't subtle and I don't even think he realises he does it, but he does it is because he is considering spanking me.

'Do you understand?' He said.

'Yes, I said' with irritation in my voice.

He gave me the look and I became very serious, waiting to see if he would pounce.

'Yes what?' he said.

'Yes Sir' I said, with resignation in my voice.

He looped his finger around the belt loop in my jeans and drew me closer, still with this other hand on my backside.  I grabbed my backside instinctively to protect myself, just in case.

'Take your hand away' he said, 'I shall do as I please'.

I submissively put my hands by my side as he pulled me into an embrace with his hand in my belt loop.

'I need to go to work, now kiss me' he kissed me passionately. 'Be good and please sleep naked tonight' he said.

He then swatted me hard on the bottom, just to remind me of our roles and went to leave the house for work.

'One more thing darling.' He said. 'Can you iron my shirts for work tomorrow please?'

'Yes darling I will'.

He smiled his smile that means he is proud of me and left for work. 

And there you have it Dd bliss!



  1. Hi Bobcat, yes I thought the same!

  2. Ha I'm not interested in a DD relationship although my husband and I are trying out him being the head of the house I'm not super into the idea of punishment. I will say though your blog cracks me up, creative fun writing.

    1. Thanks for the comments.
      I read on a recent blog that I follow ( an interesting point. Chealsea in her blog pointed out that Dd isn't necessarily only relationships that involve spanking or punishments. But that Dd is where the dominant person takes the lead in the relationship and the other person acknowledges and follows that lead.

      We too once lead a life where he was in charge but didn't punish. But it got to the point where, when I was heated in an argument, I used to think, 'you can't do any thing so why shouldn't I be rude) and he didn't have any powers to encourage me to follow his leadership.

      For us it was an inevitable progression. I guess the idea is that you get to a stage where spanking isn't necessary, as you are so used to doing the right thing, that harmony is constant in the marriage. I am guessing that is the idea anyway! I haven't got there yet!


  3. Am I the only one who single swats just make me ornery?

  4. Whew!!! Girlfriend that is what we call GRACE at our house. Ya know you earned, more than likely deserve it, and you are given the imaginary "Pass". THAT is grace. I experience it at my house and it's really SWEET... Good for him and you..