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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Spanking and a tent

This weekend marks the end of a very long slog of hard work, little sleep and a lack of attention towards my family.

I mentioned in my last post just how supportive my wonderful husband is.

The problem is that if I haven't cleaned my house, cooked and done all the duties that I consider to be my role, I feel somewhat of a failure.

My HOH never inforced this onto our marriage, it is my doing.

My mother did very little around the house or with me as a child, by the end of my parents marriage, she sat on her unspanked behind watching my father bring in the bacon, clean and cook all the meals.

Yes sure he allowed this to happen and this is 50% of the problem, but for me to keep the house in tip top condition, our child well played with and my husband and her happy, I feel that I am succeeding which makes me very very happy.

It cleanses me to feel that I am sat in a perfect home, with food all prepared etc.

My HOH does his fair share, with childcare and cooking, but he never takes it for granted what I do for him.

Earlier on today he sent me this text message, after coming home briefly for a break in the middle of a four-day-weekend of gigs.

'Hey darling, I just wanted to tell you
how much I love you. You looked so
gorgeous when I got home and the
house was so beautifully kept, I really
appreciate you making such an effort
my lovely, thank you so much.  It
makes me feel really special to come
home to such a beautiful family and
house.  I love you so much xxx'

I really think that was the nicest text message I have ever seen.

So after all this work we are going away for three days.
I love camping, so we are camping in a lovely area in Cornwall this week, with our little girl.  Just us, fresh air, and walking and having fun.

We haven't spent that much time together recently, so it will be a challenge.  I fully intend to go into the holiday as model wife and mother, but what happen if I slip?

I have a tendency to be rude, I really don't mean to but it happens.

What if he needs to punish me? There is nowhere where this can happen.  We are in canvas, surrounded by other people under canvas.

I am intrigued as to how he will deal with this, but I don't plan of testing it.

So we shall see, we leave on Tuesday.

I am really looking forward to it.


  1. Humm...well C, there's always a sleeping child and the close availability of a quiet switch. I think not testing it is a better idea.

    Have lots of fun...and be good. ;)

  2. That is the most beautiful text I've ever seen! I'm so glad all your hard work is appreciated and I hope you enjoy your camping trip! Well done C!xx

  3. Wow what a lovely text, I have had similar and its such a good feeling when we are appreciatd, I hope that you don't slip up, however I empathise with the challenges you face/d (as you know! ;)) your blog post was inspiering, thoughtful, and food for thought.


    Hope there is no more secluded location that He knows about,to deal with the slip ups, however there is always the awarness of how inventive they can be!

    Have a lovely break

    His Princess