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Thursday, 7 June 2012

We had a spanking good time!

So we are back from our min-break.

Miles of green fields, campfires and cider for the grown ups and rounders and farm animals for the kids.  It was idyllic, glorious, relaxing and.......................................spank-free!

Yeha! And as much as I don't want to admit it, I think the spanking I received for the sake of 'this is what happens if you don't behave, actually worked!

It was short and not exactly sweet, but it prevented something much longer and more painful.

I am pretty sure that boot camp is around the corner :(

However I think I have a new take on maintenance.  I used to think it was horrible.  Just before it happens as I walk towards him I think, 'this isn't fair, I haven't done anything'.  However if it is that every-so-often or a heavy, horrible thrashing once a month, I know what I would choose!

Maintenance seems to act to remind me who is in charge but you know, I think it also works to remind me just how horrible a spanking can be.  After a week or two I forget.  I know that sounds silly but it's true.

I forget just how horrible it is, but maintenance reminds me!