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Saturday, 9 June 2012

When DD becomes subconscious

Yesterday an amusing thing happened.

Usually if I am rude to my husband in public he gives me 'the look'.  To other people it looks like 'I'm not amused' but to me it either means 'stop now or I will do it for you' or it means 'the line has already been crossed and you are in trouble'.

Yesterday my Dad and his girlfriend were at my house.  My husband was going out and put on his gym shoes.  I know I know, this is NOT a big deal.  But at the time I thought that he looked terrible.  In the UK wearing sports shoes under jeans is NOT a good look!

So I told him so.  But I nagged, I went on and on, falling into cliche woman territory.

He turned to me and said out loud.  'I'll use my shoe for something else in a minute'.

Although the guests laughed, I am pretty sure that they didn't get the reference, but still I thought it was rather risky.

My reaction was to laugh out loud as we were all joking when he said it, but I was rather shocked!

I couldn't believe that he had said something like that in front of other people.

Later on he told me that he didn't even realise that he had said it, it was subconscious.

He has done this before, not so obviously though, and it works the trick.

I end up thinking, Oh Gosh, please don't say anything more obvious, if I  shut up right now maybe he will leave it.

Then yesterday on the LDD Network, a fellow DD-er's husband is from England.

She asked, 'what is it will Brits and spanking with slippers?' - she has a point.

At my primary school there was a classic granddad slipper used for just that purpose.

A heavy-bottomed, rubber soled thing, to give any naughty children an even heavier bottom!

'That may not be so bad' I hear you cry.  Well try it with a husband with UK size 13 (US14) feet!!!

Hopefully I won't have to find out! 


  1. This made me giggle (I may live in the US, but I agree, unless they are Converse, sneakers and jeans is rarely a good look:) I think I would have turned crimson if my man ever slipped and said something like that in front of my daddy!

  2. Hi Tess, I'm glad this particular no no is also in the US - It looks really bad doesn't it! His converse were in the cupboard but I guess those extra four steps were just too far!

  3. Lol we have agreed (HoH and I ) that he removes his slippers before spanking - so thant when I'm OTK I can't see them .......some subconcious memory invades my mind.

    A great posting C -our daughters now know "the Look" and they giggle, which is highly embaressing

    His Princess

  4. Geez, how embarrassing! I'd die if my husband said anything in front of our friends. That doesn't mean he won't slip up

    Wow..his feet are BIG :)