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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Writing Lines

My husband, in his infinite wisdom, has started thinking up new punishments.
Sometimes he doesn't always think that spanking is necesary or appropriate and keeps it for certain transgressions.

A while ago he started giving me lines. I havent written lines since I was about 9. Even at secondary school they were deamed useless and a waste of time and instead we had to write essays.

Essays were horrible (shhhh don't tell my HOH) . You had to write four or six sides of A4 on topics like, 'why my behaviour was unacceptable' (as you can probably tell I had to write lots of these). The problem was that, in order to fill the space, you had to keep writing and you inevitably ended up slagging yourself off in the process.  I hated them.

My HOH has asked me to write essays in the past but recently his obsession is lines.
I didn't manage to finish the last ones that he set me - woopsie!
I wasn't given a time scale, left them in a pile of papers on my windowsill and ignored them, silently hoping that their very existence would disapear into the same void that eats my socks.

Alas nothing is lost on my husband and when he realised that I hadn't done them he doubled the number!!!

He also gave me a deadline - Monday.
It was Thursday and Monday seemed so far away, I thought 'it will be fine - I've got ages'.
Friday came and instead of working on my lines in my spare time, I thought, 'it'll be fine, I've got ages'. Saturday came and I really couldn't be bothered, then Sunday came.  The problem was that Sunday also brought cleaning, childcare and lots of work.

Thinking I would surely be spanked for poor time management, if nothing else, I came clean to the big boss man.

He was not amused and said we would deal with it the next day.
'Deal with it' generally means spanking, but he likes to keep me guessing.

On Monday evening I realised that I had a three hour window before he came home from work (he didn't say what time on Monday i had to do them!).  I cooked my darling dinner, made the house look immaculate and made a start on the 750 lines.

My darling called from work and said that I could stay up late and wait till he got home, so I made the most of my time and started writing.

I didn't put down my pen for the entire three hours.
I was so tired by the end that my eyes had gone blurry!

He came home and I finished them just as he came into the bedroom and sat on the bed! I felt very accomplished and happy that I had managed to dodge the paddle!

Here they are all 1000 of them in total (on the back too)!

It was such a boring task, but I guess that is the point!

Hopefully I wont have to do that again.



  1. 1000 lines! Good heavens C! I sure hope you don't have to do that again and I'm guessing you sure won't forget and repeat what you had to write for a very long time.

    Be good...

    1. Me too! I hate being bored!

      I will! You too!

  2. That is a lot of lines, but at least they are pretty short. I've seen *really* long lines...we won't say who got them. ;) But glad you got them done.

    1. Haha! thanks Ana! Yes I am glad it wasn't longer!


  3. Been there, done that, as the saying goes. I've had to write lines and essays and letters as punishment in past, but hope is eternal and one could hope that they won't be present in the future! LOL

    1. I Hope that too!
      My Husband knows that writing is easy for me, and I open up more through words! He says that he learns allot from my blog, so writing punishments are inevitable!

      He has also given me email assignments, which is funny as I can touch type so no boredom factor!

  4. Wow - that is amazing - 1000 lines. I would hope I never have to do that. I hated writing lines as a child. Wonder what sparked in your Hoh to get on the line wagon?

    Glad you got them done!

    1. Me too, HATED THEM! He wanted a punishment which encouraged me to think about what I had done, again and again and again!

      I think it did, though he said that I had to use best hand writing with all of them, so it took much longer. It took about an hour to write 250!


  5. Oh my! I can't even imagine having to write 1000 lines! Perhaps that's because Michael hasn't had me write lines at all yet, thankfully! At least you got them done. I'm sure he was proud of you for that. ;)

    1. Hi, yes he was proud of me! It sounded more than it was in the end. It was originally 250 per each thing I had done wrong, and when I didn't finish them in time the first time, he upped it to 500 for each :(