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Saturday, 14 July 2012

50 shades and Dd

My friends have all read the triliogy, I too have jumped on the band wagon (I know, a little late!)

I decided to buy a paper copy, I read too much on my Kindle ap!

I had to preorder the book as my local bookshop was selling out on a daily basis!

They called to tell me it was in stock.

After work, I wandered into the bookshop, pretending like I wasnt about to purchase a sex book!

I was served by a gentleman in his late 50s.

I said, 'Hello, I've come to pick up my preordered copy of 50 Shades of Grey.' Still pretending like it's a book about natute or something!

'Yes of course, what was your name?'

I gave him my name.

'Ah yes, here we are' said the man, producing a copy of the much talked about novel.

He looked at me seriously, 'it's a bit raunchy you know?'

I laughed, 'yes I know, I've read allot about it'.

'Oh right,' he said, 'just making sure you know what you're getting yourself into'.

Great I don't think I can get away with nonchalant any longer!

I payed for the book and he said, 'have you got your husband's permission?'

Oh my gosh, did he just say that?

Slightly confused, but glad to have a Dd response for once, I smiled and said, 'yes of course I did, you called and spoke to him to tell him it was in stock'.

'Oh good, well just checking, I don't want us to get into trouble now.'

Ummm oh gosh, do I have -MY HUSBAND SPANKS ME written on my face!?

'Yes it's fine' I reassured him again, still utterly gobsmacked that I'm having this conversation in a book shop.

'Oh good' said the man. 'you're husband has given permission'.

He handed me my purchase, in a bag.

'Oh wait a minute,' he said, 'I almost forgot, this isn't Abu Dhabi.'

And with that I left the shop.

Astonished by the conversation I had just had in my tiny town.

No this isn't 'Abu Dhabi', but I do gain my husband's permission to do things, because I'm a respectful, loving wife, and it brings harmony to our marriage.

My husband said, when regaling this story, 'good, more people should ask their husband's permission. Do you think in years to come people will think we do Dd because of 50 Shades of Grey?'

Oh gosh, I hope not!

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  1. blazeandbritney14 July 2012 at 01:17

    The writing is awful!

  2. Mine or E L James? I don't like the writing either, but sonetimes you have to choses between hot sex and Shakespeare and Im not always in a Hamlet kinda mood!

  3. I thought the books were hilarious! I skimmed through most of the sex though lol.

  4. I love your comment here! It's so funny. I must tell you sometime what happened to me last weekend! Take care Milly

  5. Hi Rachel. Yes I thought that too.