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Monday, 16 July 2012

Dd and not being alone

I have always struggled with feeling isolated due to the secret nature of Dd.

Just last month I was stood at a party watching a group of my friends talking, thinking 'my life is so removed from what you think it is'.

I have however been in contact via the Learning DD network and text, with another British Dd wife, over the past 10 months or so.

Last night my husband and I met them.

It was a very surreal experience.  I have never met anyone from the internet before and I didn't know what to expect.

I have also never met another Dd couple before, so it was a very exciting prospect.

I was very nervous. I sat in the pub, waiting for their arrival, with sweaty palms and a racing heartbeat. I felt like I was waiting to sit an exam or something!

Then in they came. It was lovely. We chatted and got to know each other. The conversation flowed, despite knowing a great deal about each other already from my friend's text messages.

There was originally no intention of talking about spanking, Dd or rules, however my big mouth soon changed all intentions!

We were talking about movies and I remembered that my friend and her husband had recently seen the film a Dangerous Method.

I asked my friend's husband if he had enjoyed it. There was certainly a twinkle in my eye as I asked, knowing full well that it contained a handful of spanking scenes.

My husband said, 'which film is that, have we seen it?'

'Yes' I said, 'don't you remember, the spanking one?'

And everyone cracked up. Woops, there goes my big mouth!

'Did you just say the S word?' my Dd friend asked me.

And from then on the conversation swerved into unchartered territory. It was refreshing, if bizzare, sitting in a local pub discussing how our husband's choose to spank us if we get out of line.

It felt both very normal, as we were two couples discussing it, and aparently unusual, as hushed tones were often adopted!

The strangest moment had to be when my friend's HoH said, 'I just don't get the female pshyche. Sometimes I hit myself in the head and think, why did you do that.'

And 'I don't understand why women want rules, but want to break them!'

Listening to another man saying the things my husband says so often to me was very strange, but also lovely.

It was surreal sat listening to two men discussing the behaviour, or lack there of, of their wives.

So my feelings of loneliness in Dd are dissapearing, just as the feelings of closeness to my husband increases dramatically with Dd.

I'm so thankful to have, not only a close Dd friend who is now certainly a real person (my husband had his doubts), but also, a close Dd friend who I am so similar to.

We have lots in common, some things are so similar that it's incredible that we met each other.

I'm a great believer in fate and I think it was certainly meant to be.

We are seeing our new friends again today and I'm so excited.

Thankyou P and A. You made my month!

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  1. I am so happy for you. I also feel somewhat isolated in my daily life. I long for a Dd friend. -Becky

    1. Oh Becky that is sad! I felt that too! but I was lucky to find my lovely friend! Feel free to send me an email and chat!

  2. That's awesome! What a blessing to have real life dd friends!

  3. I think it's lovely that you're not feeling so alone. My husband and I got together with another DD couple this weekend and had a wonderful time as well. ;)

    1. Hi Grace, how lovely! yes it was great, we saw them again the second day that they were here! Hope you had fun too!

  4. That is awesome! I'm sure that as you were sitting, waiting and feeling nervous, so was she nervous as well! I haven't met anyone face to face through the network yet but am looking forward to it for sure! I'm glad the 4 of you have found eachother as friends and know that you are not alone!

    1. Hi Christina, Oh my gosh it was so great! While we were sat waiting we were so nervous! I had sweaty palms, I felt like I was waiting for an exam!
      Well if you ever fancy a trip to the UK, we will be here and very happy to meat you!

    2. By the way while im here, I just thought I would comment on the invitation from C to visit the UK, to meet up as couples, having recently done this and 'seen and felt the consequences' I am not to sure that having those three strong men in close proximity, passing on advise, and discussing like-mineded mehtods of discipline, would be good for our respective bottoms!

  5. hi C, glad you have met up with some nice people, how exciting! I know what you mean when you can't share your real thoughts with friends who don't understand or practice this lifestyle. Hope you are well Milly

    1. hi Milly,
      It was lovely, the best thing is that we got on so well!

  6. How great for all of you! Slowly working on it!

  7. Hello,

    I'm saying it in the virtual, but we've now met in reality, I too was nervous, and not knowing what to expect, as we drove down my hoh said "don't expext me to bring up DD, because I'm not talking about such an intimate part of our marrige with strangers"

    You know the rest, you've read this posting, for our part as a DD couple it was so good to meet, and to be assured that we are not alone, we were welcomed, and treated so well by you and your hoh, it was so strange to hear those words, come out of my hoh's mouth!

    It was very relaxed at your home too, there we were on your sofa talking DD, and behaviour correction techniques, each hoh sharing freely and openly, as we sat looking at each other, each time some familier transgression was mentioned, and the method
    Implement with which to correct it.

    Even more intriguing was the behaviour of my hoh after the meeting, he had affirmation that he's not alone, in this thinking!

    Can't wait to see you again ~ it has made such a difference ........

    Thankyou both for your warmth,kindness,and hospitality, also (dare I say) the questions to my hoh!

    His Princess