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Monday, 9 July 2012

HOH in his shining armour

On Saturday my town was hit by a natural disaster.

I know this is normal for American towns that suffer from tornadoes, but for little sleepy Dorset, this was not normal.

On Saturday we left our town to go to a big family gathering, my husband's Grandad has just turned 90!

We left our house in the pouring rain.  We were soon stuck in a line of traffic and a journey that was supposed to take us an hour, took us three hours.

We spent the journey driving through giant puddles and passing broken down cars. The rain was horrendous, but we didn't really notice that it could cause us problems.

While on our journey, 15 fire engines, the coast guard and other emergency service vehicles passed us, heading the the direction of our town, but we didn't really put two and two together.

We went out for the day, safe in the building of the airfield, where we had our big family party.
On route home I had a call from my Dad, telling me that our town was on the national news, and was listed as a 'Red Risk Flood alert, with possible risk to life'.

Let me paint you a picture of my town.  It is a sleepy, yet beautiful seaside town where nothing ever happens.  We couldn't believe it.  We called our friends, still in the town, to be told that all the roads running in and out were closed due to severe flooding.

This is what it looked like:

We would normally have driven to a relatives and stayed there, but our little girl has a chest infection and we had left her medicine at home.

I said to my lovely man, 'We should just go to your mum's house, we wont get home'.

Then something strange came over him, he switched a switch and turned into Super-I-Can-Do-Anything-Husband.  He looked very serious, while concentrating on driving, and said 'No, we are going home. It is my responsibility to get my family home and I will, it doesn't matter what I have to do, we are going home'. - cue superhero music now...


Honestly I don't think I have ever found him so attractive.  I went weak at the knees.  He seemed stronger than he ever had done before.  I also felt that I could trust him more than ever before.  We potentially had a serious problem, not knowing the state of our house, not knowing if we could get home and I felt completely calm and cared for.

We drove home, the normal route, with the plan to leave the car where we had to and walk home.  

My husband, fueled with his newly found determination to get us to our destination (the ultimate GPS!), drove around the area to try and find a way through the flood by road - there was none.

Luckily for us, while we had been driving home, much of the flood had decreased.

Earlier in the day the entire town was underwater, leaving a small island of land out of the river water.  The town, a mile from the coast, is also intersected by rivers and mills, it's beautiful when dry, but the rivers had burst due to a month's rain falling in a day.  

My husband found a safe place to park the car and we walked.  We were wearing smart attire, due to the party we had been to, and so we didn't have any wet weather gear.

I tied a scarf around my head and we put our only brolly on top of the pram to protect our child from the rain.

We walked across the town until we got to our street, the last area of flood.  Here we were met by four fire engines all pumping water from the street, back into the river, as it flowed towards the sea.

As soon as we hit deep water we took off our shoes, rolled up our trousers and carried our daughter through the flood and towards home.

We were met by our neighbour half way, and she made us a hot cup of tea when we finally reached our luckily dry home.

My husband had done it, he was determined and he succeeded.  I was so proud of him.  We managed to survive our town's first natural disaster, and all thanks to my wonderful, strong leader and spouse.


  1. Oh my! I'm sorry about your little town. It seems like here in ours we have had a severe weather situation once a year for many now. I understand how quickly it comes up and how crazy it can get.

    How much fun to watch your husband take charge and get the lot of you home safe and sound. Sometimes I feel like we can do anything when my M has that much confidence. What a neat memory to tuck away C!

    Hope your daughter is feeling better.

  2. Hi Susie, thanks, yes she is feeling much better now thank you.
    Yes it was crazy, but my husband was amazing.


  3. Wow, that's crazy! Glad your husband could be your hero...