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Sunday, 22 July 2012

It is not what he says...

This week we have had lots of people to stay.

First, our Dd friends stayed in the town, then my impressionable 18-year-old cousin and then my friend who knows about our Dd lifestyle.

What a week! I love entertaining but my husband had me on my best behaviour and now I am very tired.

With my cousin he said, 'she is raised in a world where men are weak and women are bossy and belligerent, you need to show her how a happy, strong couple can be'.

With our Dd friends my husband said, 'you WILL NOT show me up in front of them, they expect women to be courteous and respectful to their husbands, so YOU WILL act accordingly and be on your best behaviour.'

With my non Dd friend he said, 'We are a walking advert for this lifestyle, you need to show her how good it can be'.

So by the time my final guest was here, I felt exhausted.  I am not used to all this submission.  With guests here we spend allot of time together, and it has been a 12-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week submission exercise and I am shattered!

I can't cope with all of this parading around, acting like a perfect wife - I am a natural rebel.

I feel like I have donned my flowery apron, pearls and have been in some 1950s idyl for far too long.

Now I want to run around in the road, swear, be rude, shout and scream!

Today was the last day of the guests.  Lets face it something was bound to happen, the odds were against me!

My husband, bless him, wore sandals for the first time this year, earlier today (the weather is, only now starting to look like summer!), and he put socks on under his sandals! I couldn't believe it! I know I now sound really superficial but isn't it common knowledge that that looks really dumb! I only see old men wearing socks and sandals and I feel sorry for them.  When I see them I think, 'arr, bless them, they don't have anyone at home telling them they look silly'.

I laughed at him, but was mainly horrified! He then spent about 30 minutes looking for another pair of shoes.  We were late and I was seriously irritated.  I know this all sounds petty superficial and pathetic but do remember that I had played the role of courteous wife for a week, so my tolerance levels were running low.

I am normally courteous, but not full time!! I have episodes of bad attitude but who doesn't,
so I was sensitive and cross.  I kept digging at him and giving him little comments here and there.

I went to walk away, after throwing some remark or other and he instantly jumped up from the giant shoe pile.

'Come here' he said, standing tall and beckoning me into the dining room.  I was very conscious that our guest was sat in the other room and was very aware of what he was saying.

I did as I was told (I'm not that un-submissive) and stood diligently in front of him.

'Stop' he said. Short and simple.

'Do I need to say any more?' he continued, looking down at me with a 'Do Not Mess With Me' face.

I shook my head and said 'sorry'.

And that was it.  We walked out of the room and he tapped me on the bottom.

Later in the day while we were alone, I said to my non Dd friend, 'did you hear him telling me off? was it weird?'

'Yes I heard him and no it wasn't weird' said my friend. 'to be honest you were asking for it'

'Really?' I said, surprised at the new insight into my relationship.

'Yes' she said, 'C, you were really rude to him!'

And there you have it, a Dd stance on my Dd relationship, from a friend who does not practice Dd!

I was very proud of her though.  At no point have I tried to push Dd onto her, but she has openly said that she could implement it eventually and that certain elements already run through her relationship that are Dd in nature.

At the end of the last evening of her stay she said to my husband, 'J, are there any things that I can do to make my boyfriend feel that I respect him more?'

I couldn't believe me ears! My friend is trying to take some elements of our Dd lifestyle into hers.

So perhaps I did succeed in acting as a 'walking advert for this lifestyle'!

I don't think she will be a spanked wife anytime soon, but who knows? I would like to think her positivity towards Dd is as a result of our obvious success as a Dd husband and wife.

But I could be wrong!


  1. It's happening, our numbers are spreading! *smiles mischievously*

  2. I can totally understand how having to be constantly on your best behavior would wear on you after awhile. When we visited with DD friends recently I asked Michael if he minded if I was just myself. I said that of course I'd understand if he felt the need to say something to me or whatever, but I didn't want to be stressed out trying to watch everything I said and did. He agreed and we had a much better time than the first time we got together with them. (not that we didn't have a good time the first time we got together, but it was much more relaxed this time around)

    1. Great point Grace. Im sure I will be more relaxed the next time we meet. Im worried ill get myself into trouble though!

  3. An interesting insight from the other side of the fence...!

    I think it's important for people to learn from the ways others live, be it cultural, culinary or religious, for example.

    In terms of DD I guess this doesn't mean adopting the DD lifestyle for oneself but indeed using what you learn and see to take a step back, observe your own existence and perhaps make small improvements in your own life and/or behavior.

    And I'm sure your hospitality was more than adequate ;)


    1. Thanks Big D! that is indeed true, wouldn't life be allot simpler if we could all articulate ourselves with decorum and respect, though also a little boring too!

  4. C, I think you would be a great "walking advert" for the DD marriage. I have never really been able to be that. I always have to be on my best behavior at my inlaws, but it will never bring anyone to the lifestyle. Becky

    1. Becky, Oh how little you know me! I have two sides, 1) submissive husband obediently serving biscuits, hot from the over to guests, and 2) bratty, bolshy wife, stamping her feet and having a paddy because she can't have another beer with dinner!