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Friday, 13 July 2012

keeping me on my toes

Not literally! - now that would be a strange spanking position!!!

I like to take the micky out of people - i'm told I do it as a sign of enderement towards others.

I guess im playful and I love to joke.

Of course this happens most with my HoH, but I have learnt very quickly where the line is!

We were walking through town yesterday. We had just had a wonderful, carefree morning, wandering around charity shops, stopping for lunch and bumping into people we know.

We have recently been allocated an alotement and decided to pick up some garden canes for our tomato plants and I was carrying them home.

As we were walking I started to play with him.

He said 'iv been thinking about buying a new website, but im not sure which domain name to buy'.

He then started to talk about this site and that site, and the interested part of my brain started to switch off.

Looking very serious and pretending that I was enthralled by what he was saying I said, 'have you thought about a domain name that is personal to you? Something that instantly means you when people see it?'

'what sort of thing do you mean', he said.

'oh I don't know' I said, with a badly shielded twinkle in my eye, 'how about sonething catchy like'

He pretended not to laugh.  Nodding to the garden canes he said 'be mindful of what you are carrying my love"

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