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Sunday, 5 August 2012

A water fight that I won!


The tires of the car screeched to a halt in the middle of the road and the big-boss-man turned to look at me with conviction, dominance and strength in his eyes.

Oh help! How did I get here, in the middle of the road, locked inside a car with the full wrath of my husband to contend with!

OK, lets rewind slightly and look at how me, my big mouth and my fiery attitude got me here.

My Dad and his lovely new girlfriend have been camping for two weeks in a town 45-minutes away from us, so my husband and I decided to take our little girl to see them.

We had a lovely day, BBQ, sat outside drinking Cava and Italian beer and having a lovely time with lovely lovely people.

Now the first problem here is once again my intolerance to alcohol! After a glass of fizz and a chilled bottle of beer, I was tiddly and giggling. (Oh dear won't I learn?)

The second problem is, remember how I have spoken about my naughty, cheeky and rebellious nature? - well it was inherited! My Dad is equally naughty, cheeky and likes to have a laugh! I was taught well in that area, though my husband may dispute how unnecessary it is!

My Dad and I used to spend summers making each other jump, hurling buckets of water on each other, when we weren't expecting it, and playing many practical jokes.

The problem is that neither of us know when to stop.

This afternoon was no exception.  Fueled by alcohol, I found a sole, uncooked mushroom sat on the grass, left over from the preparation of the BBQ and decided to hurl it at my father, when he wasn't looking.

He responded by, five minutes later, hurling a tomato at the back of my head!

Over the course of the day the food fight escalated, until I was hiding behind cars as corn on the cobs and potatoes were being hurled at me!

You see, with a parent like this, what does my husband expect me to be like!!!

Throughout all of this, my adorable, if slightly boring husband was sat in a deck chair watching with disapproval plastered all over his face!

My Dad's lovely girlfriend turned to me and said, 'right, you grab the barrel of water and I'll hold your Dad down'.

Well ladies and gentleman that is just a red rag to a bull, how could I say no to that? It would have been rude to do so!!!

My Dad saw me grabbing the giant water barrel (you know the type with a tap!) and, on seeing me removing the lid, he ran.

We chased him all over the field until he ran back to camp and jumped onto my husband's lap to hide, thinking foolishly that I wouldn't dare soak my husband.

For a micro second I considered not doing anything, but allowing someone to win in a food/water fight is not in my competitive nature.  In that second I deemed it acceptable to soak my husband, if only to win the battle  against my Dad!

Yup, I grabbed the entire barrel and tipped it over the heads of my father and husband!

Needless to say my husband WAS NOT amused.  He didn't even cock a smile! But he kept his composure and didn't flinch in company.  He told me off but left it at that.  My Dad's girlfriend said to me as we escaped to the bathroom, 'Oh dear, you are in trouble later!' (How does she know?)

The day went on, the boys dried out, I went to carry on the food fight and got a firm 'ENOUGH' from my husband.  We ate and chatted some more and then went to go home.

On our journey home I began to nag him.

'No you are going the wrong way...I think you should slow down....You are driving too close to that driver'.

It wasn't until I said, 'Oh great now we are lost again', that he hit the breaks.


At first I thought that he was turning around but no, he stopped the car, turned to me calmly and said in a scarily calm yet strong and commanding tone, 'You will STOP speaking to me with such disrespect, you will leave that attitude back at the campsite and be my submissive wife or I will take you straight upstairs when we get home and you will go over my knee.  Do you understand?'

I am not silly, this was clearly my choice, the moment when I chose to go down that road of submission and love and adoration for my husband or chose to be rude and end up over his knee.  Seeing as I only left boot camp a few days ago, it wasn't a difficult decision to make!

Since boot camp (I will post about it soon, when I muster the courage to do so), he hasn't spanked me, he hasn't needed to.  He is able to drive a message to me through words rather than force and I am more receptive to it! Perhaps it did work after all!



  1. I smiled at your silliness. It is hard for me to let go and have fun, but a little alcohol always does the trick. Glad you didn't get spanked.

    1. Sillyness is always fun and freeing and makes you feel like a child in a good way!

  2. LOL I have to say that I really got a kick out of this post...but...I'm glad you didn't end up otk! Knowing when to stop can be tricky business sometimes, but your hubby certainly made sure he was clear and that you heard what he was saying!

    1. Ha, sometimes I correctly identify where the line is!

  3. I enjoyed reading this so much.I love to let go and play like a kid sometimes too. Life is short, might as well have some fun while we can! Glad you didn't end up otk, although, it sounds like it might have been worth it :)

    1. Sometimes my mind works like that too, I think, 'yeah this will be worth it' but it never is!!

  4. I think your husband ought to lighten up a bit XD He should've teamed up against you or your dad what's life without being silly every now and then XD