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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Spank free for three weeks

'Spank-free for three weeks' is what I wanted to be writing now, but alas it was not to be!

I literally realised yesterday that I had been three whole weeks without any kind of spanking, maintenance or otherwise - a record for me ladies and gentleman.

I managed to go over my curfew two nights in a row due to excessive internet use.  I know many wives may be thinking, 'gees this guy is strict why does she have a bed time like a child!'  Well I will tell you why, I have no self control.  Before my bedtime, I used to stay up till the early hours of the morning, be so tired the next day that I would be dosing on the sofa while my daughter played and watched television.  This does not make a good mother!

So my darling imposed a bedtime of 11pm, reasonable enough, I'm up at 7 with our little girl so the idea is that I get eight hours sleep.  I also have two hours of recreational internet in the evening, which doesn't seem enough when I am blogging etc, but alas I am addicted so my husband has good cause for this rule.

I am terrible at focusing on my expectations though when I am engrossed in something online.  Hence the two days of broken rules.

I was very disappointed not to make it to a spank free month, I have never been able to say that so far!

When I was a child I lived next to a quarry and outside there was a sign that said, 'we have been accident free for X number of days'.  I remember wondering who had had an accident on the days when we drove past to see 'we have been accident free for 0 days'.

It felt like that when the boss told me he would be spanking me.  I saw the sign 'I have been spank free for 21 days' slowly ticking over to 0 - darn it!

'I expect you to make it to four weeks now' said my spatula wielding husband! - I hope he's right!


  1. Oh dear C
    You were doin sooo well!! I have a bedtime rule too! I always have to be in bed before my HOH, he likes to lock up house etc, make sure I haven't left anything Like candles burning .....(yes I've done this) oh and my Internet time has now been slashed! Take care M

    1. Oh dear, you see candles are a bad idea!
      Don't get in trouble for staying on the phone for two hours will you?!?

  2. I've actually had that response some random interwebs people in asking the "why is he treating you like a child?" question since I too have a bedtime, of midnight at least for me, and also a child lock on the computer that prevents the internet from working past 11:30.(Which was the end result of me trying to constantly push the theory of bedtime at midnight means get lost in the internet until midnight then spend the next 1/2 hour getting ready for bed) Like you though I would just be a relentless night owl without being told to get into bed. I can actually function on four hours of sleep decently well, but it's obviously not physically or mentally healthy.

  3. I made it 3 days into my second month with no punishment spankings! It came to an end Friday night, but I now know it can be done. Good luck :)

  4. Oh good luck on the four week goal.

  5. I hope you make it for the four weeks. You can do it.

  6. That is still something to be happy about though, you went a long time with none

    1. Thanks, Yes it is, I hope I can do it.