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Friday, 17 August 2012

swatted at the family gathering

'Why have you bought those vitamins' I said with an accusatory tone, not befitting for a Dd wife.

'I beg your pardon' said my husband.

The guests in the room, my father and younger sister, who had popped round for tea, didn't notice the exchange.

I walked into the kitchen to put away the shopping that my husband had in his hand.

'I don't appreciate that tone in front of your family C', said my husband, fluffing himself up like a bird in front of me.

'And I don't appreciate you spending £20 on those when you eat a balanced diet, it's a waste of money'.

Aware that he was beginning to get angry and not wanting to castigate me in front of our guests he gave me the look and walked upstairs.

'Fine then walk away and sulk, that's very manly'. Woopsie, did I just say that?

'COME HERE' bellowed his voice from upstairs.

I excused myself to my family and went upstairs like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Smirking like a naughty embarrassed school girl I faced my husband in the bedroom. 

He towered a foot above me, a 6'7" giant of a man, not to be messed with. He began to lecture.

'You will not give me a dressing down in front of anyone, do you understand?' He said.

'Well, don't waste money on things that we don't need then'. I said.

Now there is a time when every Dd wife needs to know when to shut her mouth and finish her attitude before her husband finishes it for her.  I am not able to do this very often. When fueled by my female psyche I am empowered, obstinate, forthright and very unwilling to back down.

'Right, turn around.' Said my husband with the most stern tone I have ever heard.

'You can't spank me when my family are down stairs'. I said in shock.

'I said turn around and place your hands on the wall'. He said.

'Please don't, they will hear you' I said, turning around in complete disbelief.


'You will not speak to me with disrespect in front of anyone do you understand?'


He finished, placed the implement back in the cupboard and drew me into his arms.

I was feeling very sore, sorry for myself, sad and remorseful.

I then went down stairs and pretended to my family like nothing had happened.

They didn't hear anything.

And the moral of the story Ladies and Gentleman? Know when to stop nagging and moaning at my husband, or he will teach me when to stop!


  1. Well thats what you get for dobbing me in ......!!!!
    Milly x

  2. Uh oh!! Good thing they didn't hear!

  3. Dear Spanked Wife-my husband is 6'8 and I too have a hard time shutting my mouth even when I know I should.....

  4. Sorry C. I think most of us don't know when to stop.

  5. sounds like a lesson well learned

  6. We all have the same problem from time to time I'm sure; knowing the point at which to lose the attitude before he decides to help you lose it! Really glad no one downstairs heard - that would have been an awkward discussion!

  7. Similar happened to me at a family gathering during our first year of marriage. Everyone was gone except my Mother and Sister who were downstairs. Hubby's patience ran out on the third day after my snide remark whiler heading to the shower.
    He pulled me to the bedroom, my towel fell off in the hall, he shut the door,pulled me over his lap and began spanking and scolding as though we were home.
    My Sis came running upstairs and right into the room telling him to stop. He told her I deserved it as he continued spanking me totally nude right in front of her. He stopped long enough to tell her to go back downstairs and keep this to herself unless she wanted him to bend her over and give some of the same. She left but never closed the door.
    WHen it was over we hugged, I was forgiven and I apologized then went to shower. My butt was sore and red!
    Before I dried my hair I went downstairs with my husband to get a cup of coffee. Mom asked if I was okay I said yes. SHe then added to my husband in her polite way, "I can't say I blame you she's had an attitude all weekend." My husband asked if my Sister said anything? She had even though Mom said she heard the spanking after Sis had come downstairs (leaving the door open)My husband called my sister in and asked if she'd told Mom and what did he warn her about. She tried to weasel her way out but my husband took her arm, spun her around and planted about a half dozen good ones to the seat of her thin lounge plants which she felt! He warned next time he really would put her over his lap and asked her. "Do you understand?" He made her answer in front of Mom and then made her apologize to me.
    My husband got a reputation of being a no nonsense guy. I have no idea if anyone else ever found out he spanked me that day and I always wonder if they think he spanks me now. I was 24 and that was almost 10 years ago.
    PS Yes he would still spank me now and over the years on occassion he has. They've always been private as I've learned to not push him publicly like I did when I was 24.
    I really can't say I haven't deserved the spankings my husband has given me and they definitly create boundries.

  8. I'm almost sure this comment won't be approved but I don't really care. This is fucking SICK. You need HELP if you crave and allow this kind of abuse, and any man who's willing to treat you like this is a sick, twisted fuck. God help you all.

    1. I totally agree! Who are these sick people?!

  9. Just found your blogs. I must say I love them. The above story is a good example of DD. It's bad enough to have an attitude in private. That alone warrants a good spanking. But in front of company, family no less. A good hard spanking is what she deserved & got.

  10. What I don't get is why he thought he had the right to spank your sister? She is not his wife and did not agree to a DD relationship with him. Had I been her,I would have told him if he tried it again, I'd call the police.

  11. He didn't! You need to read it again!

  12. He wanted to spank your sister? I'm confused ...

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