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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Unaware of my behaviour

J said to me yesterday, 'You need to show more contrition when I pull you up on something'.

Hmmmm, showing contrition, being contrite, is that something I can do?

Just to make sure he whipped this out and laid me across my large printing table in my studio! :(

Apparently instead of diligently saying, 'yes sir', 'no sir' in all of the right places, I have been rude, giggling and generally  not taking his leadership seriously.

I didn't quite realise I had been doing this.

OK so it is true that yesterday when he said 'STOP ANSWERING ME BACK', I replied with, 'Too late!'

And when he dragged me into our bedroom to give me a dressing down (both literally and metaphorically), I stood there giggling like a school girl! oops!

He told me, 'It is quite simple, when I tell you off for something, I am looking for some contrition, a sign that you are sorry.  If I don't see it I realise that I need to spank you'.

 Hang on, is this is? Have I found the magic formula?  So long as I show a sign that I am sorry, and show that I respect him, I won't end up, pants around ankles, and staring at the carpet???

I shall have to test this theory, I shall report back as soon as I have some evidence!