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Monday, 24 September 2012

Going away alone.

I'm currently sat on the train, on my way to London.

I have been asked to work in an art gallery for a week, all very flattering.

I will however really miss my little girl. I hope she forgives me when she is older :(. I have to keep reminding myself that she is lucky, at two and a half to have Mummy at home still.

Of course I will also miss my man, my husband, my best friend, my leader and my rock.

I haven't been away alone for 10 months and I haven't been away for this long in years.

Dd is now natural, sollid and etched in stone.  I guess one of two things will happen. Either, I will discover that I am now completely and utterly dependent on him that I find I can't cope without him, or I will be so trained now that I will instinctively feel his guiding hand on my shoulder.

We shall see.



  1. DD has not made you weak. You are still a strong, independent, capable woman. It has simply enhanced you as that wonderful woman who will be fine and behave as your husband would wish. Have a wonderful time.

  2. You are a strong woman and that cannot change unless you allow it to happen. Just feel his hand on your shoulder, you know the rest.

  3. I hope you can enjoy your time away. Missing him will not stop you from being the capable woman you have always been. If you were weak, you wouldn't have gone.