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Friday, 9 November 2012

My Broken iPod and it's consequences

As a younger gal' I was very hot headed.  I would fly off the handle at most things, I was blunt and spoke my mind, to the point of inadvertent rudeness.

I never intentionally hurt people, it is just that my mouth would seemingly work much quicker than my brain.

My darling boy however has 'helped' me to rectify this, and I am now much better at thinking before I speak.

However, yesterday when we were driving to the supermarket, my mouth ran away from me, and I was left in a similar position in our bedroom.

Let me explain what happened. On route to do the weekly shop, I was feeling rather Christmasy, so I delved into the glove compartment of the car, that I share with my husband, to search for my iPod.

On finding it I was horrified to see that the screen had been broken.

'YOU'VE BROKEN MY iPOD', I screamed at my husband...

Rewind 20 minutes and you may begin to understand the fuel for my rage. During the car journey, my husband had reached into the glove compartment to find something and couldn't shut the door.  He slammed and slammed it, hoping that the catch would engage but no joy.  He finally realised that something must have been stuck in it and so delved in, moved some things out of the way and it finally closed.

Fast forward again to my broken iPod screen and the part of the screen broken, just so happens to be in the same shape as the glove box door.

Now you could easily jump to conclusions here and I did but I did so with fury and no respect what so ever.

'YOU'VE BROKEN MY iPOD', I screamed at my beloved.

Rational as ever he replied calmly, 'calm down darling, I didn't break your iPod'.

Instead of explaining calmly, I allowed my upset for my broken iPod and the reality that I couldn't afford to replace it, to fuel my screams. To add insult to injury, my protests came out in one long, loud ramble of utterings, in front of our daughter.


'DON'T SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT' Bellowed my husband.



He slammed on his brakes and without saying anything, turned the car around and drove home.

He then parked the car outside of the house (on double yellow lines), put on his hazzard lights (yeah I bet, the hazard being my fuming husband!!).

'Get out of the car' he said in a scarily calm tone.  He unclipped our daughters seatbelt and took her into he house, where I sheepishly followed.

I sat on the sofa, while he turned on the television for our child to be occupied.

'Go up stairs' he commanded, his tone still stone cold and emotionless.

I sat in our bedroom, waiting for the inevitable, filled with two emotions, 1) fear for what was to come, and 2) utter confusion as to how I had allowed my mouth to get so out of control.

I don't need to go into details but lets say he helped me to 'switch' my attitude using a method of the same name.

Afterwards as he cuddled me he whispered into my ear.

'I didn't intentionally break your iPod, I will fix it.

Wow, how differently our afternoon could have gone, heho, we live and learn!


  1. Hi, just commenting to introduce myself :) and to say I loved your blog. It is nice to know that I am not the only one, who sits in confusion sometimes about how my mouth seems to take control.

    1. Hi M3. Thanks. It is hard sometimes isnt it. C

  2. Oh my, when the car screeched to a halt and turned around... I think I would have been back pedaling, sucking in all my previous words, and replacing them with new ones. And ouch.. I remember the switch used on us a couple of times as a kid (like the time we almost caught the garage on fire, playing with an almost empty can of oil and some matches). I remember a switch hurt more than anything. So sorry about your iPod and about your punishment. May you have better days ahead. God Bless You and Yours, Belle L.

    1. Oh dear. yes the switch was very itchy very and stingy, but Its over relatively quickly which is good. Back traking would have gotten me nowhere' I was too astonished to new honnest. C

  3. I don't think I have ever commented on here goes.....

    I could so see that happening to me. I have a filter problem...meaning I say a lot of things I shouldn't. I tried to tell my beloved I was born without a brain all kinds of things come pouring out...yeah, didn't work all that well.

    Here is hoping your day got better :)

    1. Hi. Thank you for
      Replying today. yes filtering is hard c

  4. What is it with broken iPods and cars? A very similar thing happened to mine in the HoHs car.

    I find it hard to control my mouth when I feel I have been wronged too. I'm glad your husband was so kind to you at the end and offered to fix it.


  5. Uhoh. Sometimes it really isn't about what we say, but how we say it, huh?

  6. I am also lacking a filter on my mouth. And when I get angry, it is so hard to control it. I totally understand your reaction.

  7. My husband has refused to have a DD relationship. I told him I thought it would help me mature as a woman but he just doesnt have that manliness in him. It would feel nice to be guided by my husband and feel safe under his control. He refuses though so I guess Im on my own.