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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Stop sending me anti-Dd messages

OK.  I recently hit 100,000  blog views, so THANK YOU to all you lurkers.

But this also means that I am now a lot more visible on google.

That means that people who have never even heard of Dd stumble across my site.

I have subsequently started receiving more and more anti Dd comments and messages, telling me that I am some sort of crazy religious nut job, an abused wife, our I am out of my mind.

It's funny really that some of these people think that I am in some one-of-a-kind marriage, alone in this lifestyle.

They often start their messages with, ' I've never heard of this before'.

What is so hard to understand? I believe my husband leads our family and every now and then, instead of having a blazing and un unproductive row, when I do something unacceptable, he puts me across hits knee.

Do you think it's due to the fact that I don't spend the time on my blog also writing about how normal our lives are? Yes we too forget to take out our rubbish on bin day, sometimes set off the fire  alarm with the toaster and bite our fingernails when we hope no one is looking.

Perhaps I should mention more about how happy our life is. How we laugh together 20 times a day, how we can spend hours cuddling on the sofa enjoying silence, just listening to each other's breathing and how we are each other's best friend and soul mate.

We are, to the untrained eye, your average, blissfully happy, 31 and 26-year-old couple, who were lucky enough to find each other.  The only difference is, my husband leads. He takes no rubbish from anyone, especially his wife. He treats me like his queen. He adores and spoils me, he makes me feel lived and adored and cherished. maybe I should say more about that on my blog.

Darling, I love you, thank you.



  1. Hi. Congratulations on your readership. They won't quit writing you.

    When they're disrespectful and delete them and do not let him have a voice on my blog. If they're respectful, I don't mind helping them understand me better, although I never defend my life.

    Again, congratulations

  2. Sorry to hear that you are receiving these messages. I admire you for being brave enough to write a blog that I can read, learn and understand from.

  3. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Please don't let your day be ruined by people who judge without knowing. If your choices work for you and your husband, other opinions aren't very relevant.

    As Mick suggests, I delete unpleasant messages without comment. Trolls long for an audience. Let's make them find it somewhere else.


  4. You can actually play with your blog settings so it does not show up in a google search.

  5. Sorry to hear that you are receiving nasty comments on your blog. Just delete them and don't take it to heart. I wonder if they are envious of the life and marriage that you have and are trying, on some level, to cover up that jealouy by criticizing you. (BTW, I am not in a DD relationship.)

  6. Sorry for your trouble with the anti DD messages. Happy LOL Day. I've read here, but not commented.