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Monday, 12 November 2012

Trust makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

I have been thinking over the past few days about the act of undressing prior to a spanking.

A lot of women have been asking over the net  whether the husband does or should do it and why such choices are made.

For us and it is of course a personal choice, my husband removes my clothes (sometimes just the bottom half, sometimes everything), but there are always two certainties about our routine,

1) I will definitely be completely but-naked from the waist down,
2) He will be doing the undressing.

I didn't really see the importance or the implications of this until recently.

The other day when he asked me to come and stand in front of him, I did so calmly and respectfully, and stood waiting for the inevitable.  At this point the very act of allowing him to undress me, giving myself to him to use as he needs, is so important.

Of course in this instant I am about to give myself to him for punishment but it is in no different to when we are about to make love.  In both instances, I give my body fully to him.  It feels like I am his, to do with as he wishes and needs.

I know many thousands of women would be horrified at this but it feels incredible.

In doing this, I am saying, 'here is my body, I trust you unconditionally to do what is best for us' and even though he is about to punish me, I know that it is for my own good, or for the good of our marriage and a part of it feels right.

That trust and that gesture of trust makes me feel so warm inside, it feels like I have my eyes closed and am about to fall backwards off of a high mountain, knowing that without question, he will always be there to catch me.

So that is why I go to him and stand there as he undresses me, it is a sign and a symbol of my love and adoration.



  1. Beautiful thoughts C. Thank you for sharing.

  2. If I am going to get a playful spanking, he just starts undressing me. When I'm getting a punishment, it usually means that I have to go ahead to the bedroom, or he goes across the room to get the paddle, while he's telling me to undress and to lay down on the bed. If I'm already laying down, he will say "Get up and get those pants and panties off." By the time I do that, he is standing beside me, pointing to the bed with the paddle, like I don't know where I'm suppose to go. After, he will put the paddle back up, and lay on his side of the bed to talk and comfort. I feel loved through the whole process, and more cared for because I was the one who asked for the DD marriage. God Bless You and Yours, Belle L.

  3. Thanks for sharing this C. I haven't really thought about the trust aspect of this. I've thought more along the lines of it being a submissive act, but in order to submit we must have complete trust right?

    With us it varies. I am either naked from the waist down, bared, or completely naked. When I am completely naked I do the undressing but otherwise he does the honours lol

    My husband has told me the reason he sometimes makes me get completely naked is so that I feel both more vulnerable and submissive. This usually happens with more severe correction.

  4. I knew I had seen this post before, but I lost your blog and couldn't find it again. I love this picture and I love your blog! So glad to rediscover you!