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Friday, 18 January 2013

It's been a while

It has been so long since I have blogged, life really gets in the way when you are pregnant.

I am now 20 weeks now, so half way through.

We had a great Christmas but a rather scary new year.

We spent the entirety of new Year's Day in hospital having tests after a pregnancy scare, and it continued through the week, which was nasty.

It all seems to have settled down now (touch wood) and little one is kicking away inside me.

My husband loves it when I am pregnant, he finds me the most attractive when I am.

He loves that he impregnated me and that I am carrying his child, and his love for it makes me feel very special and loved.

After our nasty start to the year he took me to Paris for a week for my 27th birthday.  We had a lovely flat in Monmartre and we spent our days walking and drinking chocolat chaud while huddling around outside cafe heaters and my beloved smoking on a pipe.

We found lovely little arty cafes and shops and for my birthday present he bought me an artists abstract print from a lovely boutique that we found in the Marais.

It was a lovely and well timed break.

Dd wise, my darling man is leading as he always has done, despite fears of my and our child's safety.  Spanking is rare, which is good as during maintenance last week I was astonished at how low my pain thresh hold is! a swift hand spanking and I am feeling rather sore indeed.

This week in the UK we have had a blast of snow, nothing compared to US standards but with our poor unprepared snow infrastructure it has meant, as it always does, a standstill to work and school.

Being unemployed I was unaffected and instead spent today enjoying the snow with my 3-year-old, making a ginormous snowman, which she was sad that she couldn't take home! And watching my Dad race down hills with her on my childhood sledge (pregnant mummy had to watch only :( )

I shall check in again soon, when I get a spare minute.

Take care


  1. So great to read from you again. Glad all is going well :)


  2. Lovely to see you post. Oh my, I'm so glad the pregnancy scare is over and that all is well with bubs.

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes. The trip to Paris sounds just wonderful. Sounds like a delightful day with your daughter and father too.

    Happy to hear things are going well for you.