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Saturday, 23 February 2013

My husband is not a fan of practical jokes

I have always had a naughty side.

At school I would always do things that were purposefully naughty, despite knowing that I would incur the wrath of my teachers.

I regularly had a mischievous glint in my eye and not much has changed really since I became an adult, mother and wife.

I am constantly winding my beloved husband up, he often says, 'you are a naughty woman', but I usually stay within the lines of polite and loving, and rarely end up OTK after being intentionally badly behaved.

The operative word there is 'USUALLY'!

This week I did something slightly silly.

A few months ago my husband was getting changed, while back stage at a gig (he is a musician).

He was pulling silly poses in the mirror and I took a few photos on my phone, weeing myself with laughter as I did so.

He realised what I was doing and tried to delete them.  I begged him not to, mainly because they made me laugh so much. But he made me swear that I wouldn't put them on Facebook.

I understand why.  His Facebook is for work.  As a musician he contacts his fans on there and has to keep a certain distance from them.  He never puts anything personal on there, it is all music related.

So I did as I was told, like the diligent wife I am.

Then a few months went by and the photos were sat there on my phone.

After a time I had completely forgotten about them.

Then one day, while searching through my old photos, I found them.

And once I knew they were there, it was like they were calling to me.
'Come on, put us on Facebook, think how funny it will be', they kept saying to me.

After considering the ramifications of my actions for a long enough amount of time (approximately three and a half minutes), I put them on facebook, all of them.  Some of him pouting in the mirror, some of him flexing his muscles, and all of them topless.

Then I waited for him to discover them.

I kept laughing all day, until my husband came at me looking like this...

Then he said something long and lecturing about disobedience.

And I ended up looking like this...
Was it worth it?


My husband reads my blog, so not sure I should be honest, otherwise I may end up here again...

Would it still be worth it?......


I think I will stick to no comment!


  1. LOL..... I know I'd be the one thinking it was totally worth it. But removing them again pretty soon would be necessary :P


  2. I am so glad I'm not the only one....

  3. Uh Oh...I think you just told him with that " comment" that you think it was worth it. LOL Hope you deleted them.


    1. yep, after reading it, he sat there giving me his, ' Im not amused' look

  4. I hope your ever loving husband of your's uses a cane on your bare bottom, when you pull pranks on him. Yes, a nice swishy pliable cane, would do wonder's for that voluptous naked rear end of yours. By the way I hope you dress up sometimes for him, in those girdles, with stocking's attached, that are pictured in your blog. They would make your voluptous bare bottom look sexually erotic to him. Here is wishing, both of you to have a 'spanking good time'.

  5. LOL that was hilarious, and the pics just added even more to it! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. You are welcome, thank you for sharing.

  6. LOL. I probably would have done it too. Great post.

    1. Some times you just have to listen to the little voices in your head!

  7. Ummm.... do you have to remove them now? ;) I don't think I could do that... my husband would just look at me with such disappointment that my heart would break. He doesn't even need to work on that look, he does it naturally! *GULP*

    1. He wasnt dissapointed, just cross. No I didn't delete them, he asked me to untag him.

  8. LoL, oh dear, I agree with Cat, I think you probably just told him. I assume the photos have sadly now been removed?


    1. Nope, they are still there. Just detagged

  9. Lol! I totally understand! My hubby won't let me put anything remotely funny of him on FB for the same reasons...totally unfair. The funny ones are the best kind! ;)

  10. Hahahaha totally worth it!!!