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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pregnancy spanking position

I miss being able to go over my husband's knee.

I never thought I would say it but spanking is less intimate these days.  I miss being able to hold onto his knees and bury my face!

Nowadays spanking is much more clinical.  In and out, get the job done then have a cuddle.  I'm not sure if this is better or worse, I think I am used to it now.

His new spanking position is rather different.

He now gets me to stand facing the corner of the bed and when I bend over my legs are automatically either side of the corner of the mattress, with my body resting on my elbows and face buried in the duvet. - It is rather an intimate position.

Apart from the odd incident with a heavy rubber spatula (heavy here is the operative word - yikes!), everything else has just been with his hand.

He hasn't needed much more than that, for two reasons. One, I am better behaved since I conceived and two, I am also more sensitive to pain.  Less is more at the moment, I also am very submissive before, and during, punishment and I get the point very early on.  This means for my husband that he doesn't have to punish me as much.

It does mean though that he seems to spank me every week for something or another.  I think he enjoys it, he seems to find a lot of reasons at the moment, none of them particularly serious.

I don't mind.  I am feeling very submissive and can cope with regular low level spanking.  It is lovely to feel our roles being constantly reaffirmed and my hormones are making me even more madly in love with him than usual!

Long may it last.


  1. Thanks for sharing this..... I always wondered what would happen if I ever got a belly in the future......


  2. It's good that pregnancy makes you more submissive, though a bit funny that he's "looking" for reasons to spank. lol

  3. That must be a nice feeling though, carrying your husband's child, and feeling the submission come just that much easier. We are done having kids, but I love the idea of it. :)