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Saturday, 28 September 2013

back handed by accident

I am feeling a little brighter today! - Hooray and thank goodness as yesterday was a bad day!

I have a little story to make you laugh - how an entire restaurant thought I was a battered wife!

It was my wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and we marked the occasion by getting a baby sitter for the first time in the evening since having our second daughter.

It was lovely. The baby sitter was our lovely next door neighbor and in return I babysat her boys the following week.

It was so nice to go out with my beloved. We went to our favorite wood fired pizza and cider bar where they make amazing pizzas from local ingredients and have a million different ciders to choose from.

We were sat there enjoying our pizza, when my darling husband went to the bar. He left his mobile phone on the table and I could help myself, I decided to Frape him (change his facebook profile).

I was sat there giggling to myself while I told the world how much he loved Justin Bieber and I didn't realise he had sat back down next to me.

'What are you doing?' he said.

Shocked, I quickly held the phone in the opposite direction, giving me enough time to click on the 'post' button, and the same time as he lunged to grab the phone.

His giant 6'7" hands moved so quickly and so did I that he accidentally thumped me in the face in the squabble for the phone. It was a proper back-hander (if an accidental one!).

I shrieked loudly and held my face as everyone in the restaurant stared in our direction. I then burst into tears, out of shock I think, though my cheek was throbbing slightly.

He felt terrible.

It didn't ruin our evening though and within 15 minutes we were laughing about it.

So that is how I was thumped in my face on my wedding anniversary! - that will give the blog commenters, who think I am a battered wife, something to moan about!



  1. LOL, This has happened to us before. We were playing around and I somehow got injured. Thanks for the laugh.


  2. Hi C, I'm so glad to hear you a feeling a little brighter. Oh goodness .. ouch! Yes, I can just imagine everyone in the restaurant stopping and staring and probably getting the wrong end of the stick. Glad it didn't ruin your evening.

    Wishing you a belated Happy Anniversary!


  3. Happy Anniversary! That restaurant sounds like fun. I'm sure it was a bit of a shock but glad your evening was fun.

  4. LOL Well I am glad that you let his friends know about his Justin fascination. ;) LOL Sorry about your cheek though! But I hope over all it was a great anniversary.