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Sunday, 29 September 2013

"Women love to be submissive and love it when a man takes charge"

I posted the following post on Facebook this week, to see what the reaction would be.

Considering I generally am friends with strong, outspoken, politically minded women, I expected it to rile a few people up.
"Women love to be submissive and love it when a man takes charge" according to this article. What dyou recon girls?

Not sure why I did it.  I guess I wanted to see just how differently I think to the rest of my friends.  Plus I know that only the people who were angered by the article would comment.

This is what some of my friends said.


'Is the chap in the pic going to spank that poor girl with a surfboard? Seems a bit draconian to me...perhaps he misunderstood her request to "paddle my backside" '

'Big round, apple steaming donkey plop of nonsense'

'Dull. It's the kind of stuff people say in the pub. And when I say people, I mean idiots'

'Utter rubbish'

Can you guess which one is my husband! haha!

So tell me what you think. I completely agree with the article myself, for my own relationship. this articulates how I feel.

But I would love to know your opinion.



  1. I think most people here will agree with you.
    I would love for my husband to be more dominate. I think today so many women have to be in charge of so many things, You'd think at home they would want someone else in charge. I know I do!

  2. for one, i loved this movie. lol the photo is from "Dear John." great flick.

    ok, anyway. i love it when my husband is the dominant one, always have, and probably that's the reason why i stumbled upon dd and am living in that dynamic now. it's just how my mind works. i can't shut it off and i'm glad i can't.

    your husband cracks me up with his spanking-surfboard comment. too cute! lol

  3. That is well put! My husband being so dominant is very attractive!

  4. Hi SpankedWife

    I agree with you, I am very happy that Bobbie let's me lead


  5. I love being able to hand over control. It's just not a fashionable thing to say in public.
    I have to say that I may well have answered your FB post in a similar way to some of the comments you had at one time a few years ago.

  6. I like being controlled, always have, it's been a yearning in me since I was little... but I guess I try to see why others have felt the opposite just as long... I have to admit, when I see a marriage falling apart because the woman is so independent and won't ever listen to her husband, I wish I could just shake her and ask her to just try for a year to stop being so pigheaded... but that's just me. LOL I can't pull up the article right now, but am emailing it to myself to read tonight. :)

  7. I have a Masters Degree, my own house and car and a child I raise with virtually no help from the father who we haven't seen in years. Yet I wish I could find a man to be the HOH and discipline me when needed. I have always wanted that but can't find it. I am glad you are happy.

  8. I like my husband to be dominant, except when I don't want him to. No, a big part of me wants my husband to be head of the house and the leader. Sometimes, however, I want something to be a certain way so bad, that I would fight for it. We did not start DD until we had no child at home, and mostly after I retired. I don't know how I would have been during my child-rearing days. I guess if we had started our dynamic in the beginning and through the 6 years before having a child, it may have seemed normal. With no one but the two of us, there is very little conflict. I have always been attracted to strong, dominant men, and my husband was one. He was also a policeman, so he basically had to be. At home he was more bark than bite (with me and my daughter). I have always wanted it, but like I said, "except when I didn't." God bless you and yours, Belle L.