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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Minister accused of spanking women worshipers

This article was published in the UK national press today, entitled, 'Minister accused of spanking women worshipers'.

I received an email and following phone call yesterday from the reporter wanting a quote from a practicing couple.

Unfortunately for her and for the Dd community, I told her that we do Dd and not CDD, and she wanted a CDD quote.

It was nice to talk to someone anonymously about our lifestyle and why it helps my marriage, but it was hard to know that she didn't absorb any of it! - I could hear her judging me in her apparent unbiased questions.

It is a shame that I couldn't be quoted as I told her that this example of DD or CDD was horrifying and that Dd should be only between a loving husband and wife and always be consensual.

I tried to stick up for us all, but alas I wasn't the right person for the job!

Maybe next time?

I was approached by a documentary maker as well, so perhaps I can help defend our cause then.

We shall have to wait and see.



  1. LOL, Wish the full article was available. Some things never cease to amaze me.


  2. Oh my, CDD in the spotlight once again. I totally agree, DD should only be practiced between a loving couple and must be consensual. Stories like this just fuel the negativity and ignorance surrounding this lifestyle.

    I have not been approached by any media and I'm not sure what I would do/say if it should happen.


  3. Because we are Christians, and practicing DD, I at first thought that made us a CDD couple, it was not long before I realized the huge differences, and CDD is flat out scary. People seem to be talking about it a lot more lately...

  4. my first thought on this is: what did the husbands think of their wives being spanked?